GTA Tappa 22: Rimella - Alpe Baranca

da Rimella a Fobello (10,80 km)
Highlights and tour details

Proceed northwards from Rimella on an asphalt road until the crossroads with the SP 80. Below the bend in the road, take path no. 538 (GTA signpost) which descends towards the valley. Cross the stream and reach Roncaccio Inferiore. From here you start to climb up the opposite side as far as Roncaccio Superiore (1205 m) and the hamlet of La Res (1423 m), where you will descend into the nearby Fobello valley. After descending to the hamlet of Belvedere, proceed across the hillside towards Ronco and then descend with narrow hairpin bends to the hamlet of Boco (1080 m) shortly reaching the valley floor at La Piana (1039 m). You then take the carriage road that runs along the left side of the Mastallone stream, passing through the hamlets of S. Maria (1120 m) and Alpe La Gazza (1175 m), where the asphalt road ends. Leave the fork to the left for the Vallone del Laghetto and degli Stríenghí and continue to follow the Mastallone stream. Continuing the ascent, you come to the Catolino (1252 m) and Lungostretto (1291 m) alps, in front of the double waterfall of Cascata dei Pissoni. Slightly higher up you cross the Mastallone on a concrete bridge. The mule track ascends with a couple of hairpin bends keeping on the right hydrographic side, passes next to a majestic beech wood (altitude 1440 m) and reaches Alpe Baranca (1566 m), made up of some renovated huts with a stage stop-off place.

Other information

Itinerary code: GPN
Provinces crossed: Biella Valsesia Vercelli

Departure, arrival and municipalities crossed
13020 Rimella (VC)
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Alpe Baranca
13025 Fobello (VC)
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