GTA: Stage 45 Susa railway station - Rifugio Arlaud

da Susa a Salbertrand (23,50 km)
Highlights and tour details

From Susa, climb up to Giaglione, a group of hamlets of very ancient origin, exposed in a magnificent location among vineyards, chestnut groves and ancient crops. Following the detours that exclude the construction sites in La Maddalena, cross the Clarea stream and head west towards the hamlet of Sant’Antonio di Ramats of Chiomonte (980 m). Cross the houses and go up to the Maison houses and between chestnut groves and terraced vineyards, you reach Cels that is divided into three centres: Ruinas, Morliere and Rif. From Rif (964 m). a lovely mule track climbs with anextensive view over the valley and the mighty fort of Exilles as far as the Armeita houses. Here the dense mixed forest gives way to arable land and meadows and the trail continues on flat ground to San Colombano (1286 m). The GTA crosses the village and follows the road that descends to Deveys to the junction for Margiaria superiore (1314 m). A short uphill mule track leads to the Aut Munt houses, from here to Margiaria superiore, and to Combes (1227 m). Having arrived nearby the chapel, continue through the houses, encountering the fountain under a canopy and, a little further on, the junction for Eclause. Here, the trail corresponds to the itinerary dedicated to the Glorious Repatriation of the Waldensians, climbing to the hamlet of Eclause di Salbertrand (1383 m). Cross the village and, once you have past the asphalt road that goes up Grange delle Valle and to Rifugio Molinari, take the mule track that leads to Moncellier superiore and inferiore. From here, a rapid descent leads to Salbertrand (1032 m). Cross Salbertrand and head towards the Gran Bosco Park of Salbertrand (visitor centre). A dirt road leads uphill for a few hundred metres towards the entrance to the Park and you will come across the old mule track on the left which, once past the Himber grange (1394 m), where you find the entrances to the old chalcopyrite mines, and the Berge grange (1551 m), you reach Montagne Seu and Rifugio Daniele Arlaud, a stop-off place.

Other information

Itinerary code: GPC
Provinces crossed: Torino

Departure, arrival and municipalities crossed
10059 Susa (TO)
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Frazione Seu
10050 Salbertrand (TO)
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