GTA: Stage 44B Alpe Toglie (Mattie) - Usseaux

da Mattie a Usseaux (16,10 km)
Highlights and tour details

From Alpe Toglie take the well-marked trail that heads westwards towards Monte Genta and leads to Bergerie dell'Orsiera (bivouac). Continue south towards Colle dell'Orsiera (2595 m) From Colle descend following trail 335 with hairpin bends and then along a diagonal in orographic right of the valley. You reach a flat area and dotted with stones collapsed from the nearby walls, where to the left you leave trail 368 of the Jouglard valley. (junction at an altitude of approx.2460 m). Take a small crossing and then descend into the valley to exceed a grassy bollard and meet the first offshoots of forest at an altitude of approx. 2150 m. Continue to descend on large hairpin bends within the sparse larch wood alternated with prairies until you reach the crossing of the Rio dell'Orseria at a height of 1907 m. Continue on an evident track at a constant gradient, cross another impluvium and in a short time you cross the road of Colle delle Finestre close to Prà Catinat. The trail continues toward Borgata Puy below and, subsequently, with a slightly uphill section on the hillside, reaches Pequerel. You arrive at the fort of Serre Marie and descend to Usseaux.

Other information

Itinerary code: GPC
Provinces crossed: Torino

Departure, arrival and municipalities crossed
Alpe Toglie
10050 Mattie (TO)
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Via della Rocca, 1
10060 Usseaux (TO)
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