GTA: Stage 44A Susa station - Alpe Toglie (Mattie)

da Susa a Mattie (11,60 km)
Highlights and tour details

The entrance of the variant is from the centre of Susa. You head south along Via Norberto Rosa and take Via Monte Grappa. After the state road SS 24, turn left into via Colle delle Finestre and follow the red and white signs (first on an asphalt road, then on a mule track) until the railway station of Meana di Susa. Go up along the asphalt road, pass under the railway and take the mule track towards the villages of Grangia, Suffis and Assiere. Go along the mule track through chestnut woods and after crossing the Scaglione stream on a stone bridge, you reach Menolzio (728 m), village of Mattie. Once past the village, take the mule track on the right which first climbs on more moderate slopes in the alluvial fan and then goes up the wooded side with narrow hairpin bends. When you reach an altitude of about 1280 m, the path bends slightly to the north-west and with a stretch along the hillside it reaches the plateau of the chapel of Toglie (1435 m). From here take the dirt road that leads to Alpe Toglie (1550 m).


Other information

Itinerary code: GPC
Provinces crossed: Torino

Departure, arrival and municipalities crossed
Susa stazione FS
10059 Susa (TO)
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Alpe Toglie
10050 Mattie (TO)
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