GTA: Stage 36 Frazione Talosio di Ribordone - Frazione San Lorenzo di Locana

da Ribordone a Locana (13,80 km)
Highlights and tour details

From Talosio you reach the hamlet of Posio and continue following the GTA signs. You will pass through the Arzola Alps and then, making a wide curve towards the north, you reach a flat ridge which you follow in a north-west direction. You pass near Punta Arzola (2158 m) and continue along the path to Sella d'Oregge (2175 m). After you start to descend on the opposite side and, after crossing a marked watershed, you reach Alpe Giassetto. Continue along the hillside going slightly downhill at first and then with a steeper slope you reach the plateau near the dike of the Lake Eugio reservoir at an altitude of 1875 metres. You then go up some steps on the left to reach a square below the dam guard’s house and continue to the left following a small road (cutting a hairpin bend with a short cut to a rocky slab) until you reach the junction at an altitude of 1828 m. Here you take the path on the right that begins to climb towards Alpe la Colla. After the Alpe you reach the pass behind the huts and the PNGP hut, continue along the traverse with some ascents and descents that, passing a couple of canals, allows you to reach the huts of Alpe Praghetta Superiore (2160 m). Then you start the descent following the trail through the meadow, passing the alpine pastures of Praghetta Inferiore and La Cà and then the much more marked trail in the woods until reaching the hamlet of San Lorenzo.

Other information

Itinerary code: GPC
Provinces crossed: Torino

Departure, arrival and municipalities crossed
Frazione Talosio
10080 Ribordone (TO)
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Frazione San Lorenzo
10080 Locana (TO)
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