GTA: Stage 33 Frazione Fondo di Traversella - Frazione Piamprato di Valprato Soana

da Traversella a Valprato Soana (12,00 km)
Highlights and tour details

From Fondo, follow a first section on a lovely stone mule track that runs along the torrent as far as the village of Tallorno. From here, you start to climb progressively along the head of the valley crossing Alpe Pasquère and Alpe Pra (1617 m). Just upstream of the Alpe you cross the torrent and diagonally touch several mountain huts in ruins at an altitude of 1830 m. Go back to the hydrographic left of the torrent at Alpe Gheia (1878 m) and continue on steep and grassy slopes passing Alpe Ghiun (1943 m), the mountain huts of Alpe Oche lower (2107 m) and Upper (2280 m) and with a last section on a grassy slope, you reach Bocchetta delle Oche (2415 m). From the Colle a first section with several undulating areas takes to the edge of the forest. From here, you start to descend along several crags covered by alders with tips sometimes exposed on the torrent to be crossed with the aid of ropes (Careful, as there are damp and slippery rocks). At the bottom of the ridge, cross the stream at a flat section and continue your descent on a traverse furrowed by steep canals in which there are trail sections fitted with chains. Finally, you reach a grassy saddle on the Valley of Rio Giassetto from where you reach Alpe Giassetto (1735 m) and, with a last short section, the Square of the Church of Piamprato Soana.

Other information

Itinerary code: GPC
Provinces crossed: Torino

Departure, arrival and municipalities crossed
Frazione Fondo
10080 Traversella (TO)
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Frazione Piamprato
10080 Valprato Soana (TO)
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