GTA: Stage 14 Varzo - Alpe Arza

da Varzo a Bognanco (0,00 km)
Highlights and tour details

You start again from Varzo along the road that crosses the hamlets of Vaniullo and Bertonio and, after crossing the bridge over the Cairasca stream, you reach the junction with the 12A variant that descends from Trasquera via the historic 'Brôcc' mule track. Turn right towards the hamlet of Rosso and the bridge over the Diveria. Once across the stream take the road that leads from the ENEL power station to Salviggia. At this point take the path that proceeds in the direction of "Selvanera/Alpe Lorino/Passo di Variola". After an hour's walk you will reach Selvanera and, still immersed in the woods, you will reach the 1377 metres of the beautiful Alpe Wolf basin. You then continue by referring to the wooden pegs in the pasture and then take the path that climbs steeply up into the woods towards Alpe Lorino. After the crossroads to Alpe Corgiolo you reach the alpine pasture at the foot of Pizzo del Rovale and Pizzo Mezzodì at an altitude of 1820 metres. From here you pass near the rocky ramparts that are before the wide Pass di Variola and, following the signs on the rocks, you reach the pass at an altitude of 2252 metres. You descend from the pass by crossing the mountain pastures on the side of Val Bognanco. Firstly, you come to Alpe Variola (1977 m) marked by a large wooden cross. After a short descent you go along a long stretch in the hillside, crossing some brooks incised into the side of Pizzo Giezza, which allows you to reach Alpe Dorca (1874 m). Now the path sharply descends towards Alpe Casariola (1715 m). Finally, with some ascents and descents you arrive on the road that leads to Passo del Monscera and you take it going uphill for about a hundred metres to Alpe Arza with the Dosso Refuge.

Other information

Itinerary code: GPN
Provinces crossed: Distretto dei Laghi

Departure, arrival and municipalities crossed
28868 Varzo (VB)
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Alpe Arza
28842 Bognanco (VB)
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