Glorioso Rimpatrio dei Valdesi: Stage 6 Ghigo di Prali - Bobbio Pellice

da Prali a Bobbio Pellice (18,60 km)
Highlights and tour details

From the town, passed the bridge of Ghigo di Prali, follow the paved road. Leave on the left the trail that takes to the 13 Lakes and a little further on, on the right, take the road that leads to the campsite. You will shortly come to a crossroads close to Borgata Giordano, where the paved road ends and the dirt road begins. In this initial section, the gradient is discrete. Pass into the villages of La Rabiera, l’Albergia, and continue on flat ground until Filharia and Selle da Val. Continue straight on, ignoring the crossroads which on the left take to Miandette. Shortly after Selle da Val, where an old wagon on a fenced stone wall represents the past reality of these areas, the cart track becomes narrower and becomes a trail. After a few streams, you reach Ponte del Rio, a large bridge that crosses an abundant stream. A few metres on, you reach a crossing which leads to the right to the Vallone delle Miniere and to the Passo di Brard, and to the left to the trail for Colle Giulian. Apart from the section in the wood, the vegetation is abundant and invades the trail several times. There are no more crossings, if not under the Colle where to the left there is a trail that takes to Ric. Perrucchetti. The Colle is characteristic, partly on a dry stone wall, whose track to the right and related signs indicate for Passo di Brard, Colle Gran Guglia and Rif. Lago Verde. While to continue towards Bobbio Pellice or also Villanova the descent is straight and frontal onto the Bergerie Giulian. This is also a meeting point of the GTA dirt road that descends to Villanova, along meadows, grazing areas, diagonally halfway up the slope you descend quickly, crossing different streams, including the Rio Brard which descends from the homonymous Pass. Always halfway up the slope, in front of the Guglietta, the trail loses altitude quickly until it reaches the only point in which you need to be careful, due to the passage in a landslide area between two streams. From here, the trail enters the wood and halfway up the slope continues quickly to Prapic. Continue to Giaussaramont d’Amont where the trail ends and the road that takes to Serre Cruel begins; the road becomes paved alternated with dirt sections as far as Podio and from there to the commemorative stone of Sibaud to descend to Bobbio Pellice.

Points of interest

Guglia e Guglietta: a place in which the Waldensians sheltered before entering Serre Cruel to take back their homes. Sibaud Stele: commemorative monument inaugurated in 1889 for the second centenary of the Glorious Repatriation. In Bobbio Pellice: Waldensian temple rebuilt in the early 18th century with an older bell tower attached which was that of the Catholic Church before 1603; Catholic parish church of 1759; Royal Customs and municipal mill. 

Other information

Itinerary code: GRV
Phone coverage: partial
Recommended period: Summer
Access by public transport: Yes
Classification: Medium and low mountain provincial
Provinces crossed: Torino

Notes on public transport
From Perosa Argentina and Pinerolo with the Autopulman service
Departure, arrival and municipalities crossed
Ghigo di Prali
10060 Prali (TO)
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10060 Bobbio Pellice (TO)
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