Glorioso Rimpatrio dei Valdesi: Stage 3 Rifugio Daniele Arlaud - Località Granges

da Salbertrand a Pragelato (16,30 km)
Highlights and tour details

From Montagne Seu follow the carriage road to Monfol, which can be reached after about an hour and 15 minutes along a flat path, being careful not to descend towards Serre Gountard by taking the G6 path at a sharp bend after about an hour from Seu. In the hamlet of Monfol there is an information board of the Gran Bosco Natural Park near a fountain, where you turn left from the main road and enter the village. After about a hundred metres you will come across a path on the right that comes from the hamlet of Gad, and you continue on the left towards the mountain following path G3. Continue along the path that becomes demanding and after about 45 minutes from the hamlet of Monfol you cross a carriage road called Enfer. Cross it and continue uphill along the path for approximately another 40 minutes arriving in the locality called Ferro di Cavallo where you come across the road for Col Blegier. In Ferro di Cavallo, take the cart track that descends to the right in the direction of the Laune alpine pasture (signposted). After about 20 minutes and after having skirted the homonymous lake from above, you will reach a fork where you descend to the right towards the alpine pasture that can be reached in 10 minutes, while the path turns left and continues to climb up a small road that after a few metres becomes a path until you reach the departure point of the now disused Costa Piana ski lift with adjoining electric cabin. Turn left and go up again along a service road of the ski slopes and after about 20 minutes you will reach Colle di Costapiana (2320 m) where you come across the carriage road to Assietta and where there is a notice board. From the hill, where the Waldensians first caught a glimpse of their long-awaited native mountains, take the path eastwards, skirt the Pomerol brook, cross it and continue along the path along the hillside through the larch woods until you come to the forest track. Following the track, you arrive at the little village of Allevè (1813 m). From Allevè follow path 325 and following the signs you reach the hamlet of Granges (1546 m).

Points of interest

Gran Bosco di Salbertrand Nature Park (conifer - larch and Swiss pine woodland, equipped area Serre Blanche di Monfol, nature and GTA marked trails); Monte Genevris and Colle Blegier; the Strada dell'Assietta, one of the highest (over 2,200 m asl) and most spectacular military roads in Europe, closed to traffic on Wednesdays and Saturdays from July to August.

Other information

Itinerary code: GRV
Phone coverage: partial
Recommended period: Summer
Access by public transport: Yes
Classification: Medium and low mountain provincial
Provinces crossed: Torino

Notes on public transport
Railway station and bus service in Salbertrand; bus service in Pragelato
Departure, arrival and municipalities crossed
Località Montagne Seu
Rifugio Daniele Arlaud
10050 Salbertrand (TO)
see on map
Località Granges
10060 Pragelato (TO)
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