Glorioso Rimpatrio dei Valdesi: Stage 1A Colle Clapier - Colonia Alpina Viberti

da Giaglione a Exilles (12,00 km)
Highlights and tour details

From Col Capier descend along the trail, arriving (right) at the junction for the Luigi Vaccarone Refuge. Continue halfway up the slope to Grange Thullie, continuing for the Quattro Denti, top which is reached in half an hour. Immediately under Cima Quattro Denti, ignoring all the trails leading to the valley, continue halfway up the slope and keeping right you reach the Pertus of Colombano Romean (waterworks of 1533). Continue along the narrow trail that crosses a larch wood at high altitude with lovely views of the Fort of Exilles, Salbertrand and the Oulx basin, dominated by Mount Chaberton, maintaining always the same direction to reach the alpine pasture of Clot Brun. At this point, the trail terminates and you take the dirt road towards the valley, barred shortly afterwards with a rudimentary fence. Having arrived at the bend below, continue in the wood on a trail. Cross a first stream and then a second. The trail terminates a little further on and you take a cart track on a grassy ground close to Grange della Valle. Cross the village between the houses, passing two fountains and exiting in front of a church. Continue on the dirt road that climbs from S. Colombano towards the bridge over Rio di Galambra that takes its name from the homonymous valley. To the right, passing in front of the Colonia Alpina Viberti along the dirt road, in a few minutes you reach the Levi Molinari Refuge. Depart from Levi Molinari Refuge following trail 813 as far as the junction with trail 804 re-entering stage 2 of the historic route. 

Support points

Rifugio Levi Molinari - Rifugio Vaccarone

Other information

Itinerary code: GRV
Phone coverage: partial
Recommended period: Summer period
Classification: Medium and low mountain provincial
Provinces crossed: Torino

Departure, arrival and municipalities crossed
Colle Clapier
10050 Giaglione (TO)
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Bivio presso Colonia Alpina Viberti
10050 Exilles (TO)
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