Giro dell'Orsiera G.O.

Coazze (55,96 km)
Highlights and tour details

Giro dell'Orsiera - G.O. - is a 6-day hiking itinerary in the Orsiera Rocciavrè Nature Park. A ring of approximately 55 km which create a network of efficient facilities, necessary to enjoy a demanding and exciting tour.

The departure and arrival point for the suggested stages is the hamlet of Molè in the Municipality of Coazze (Val Sangone) and based on overnight stays in the following refuges Balma (1986 m), Selleries (2035 m), Toesca (1711 m), Amprimo (1375 m), GEAT Val Gravio (1376 m). The itinerary is suitable for any averagely fit hiker, and any of the proposed stages can serve as a starting point. The trail is very versatile, and many interesting variations are possible: you can use the old military trails to reach the refuges from the valleys and select only a few stages of your choice, or you can add to the itinerary by stopping several nights in a refuge and taking advantage of the dense network of trails for short hikes between one stage and another.

The G.O. runs along well-marked trails, with moderate altitude differences and frequent opportunities to stop in bivouacs, on the shores of glacial lakes and in mountain pastures where you can taste local cheeses. It is essential to use a detailed and up-to-date hiking map.

The itinerary allows to discover outstanding areas of uncontaminated nature just a stone's throw from Turin and takes in a diverse range of different mountain environments, including alpine pastures, stony ground, larch and beech forests. With an attentive eye, hikers can spot chamois, deer, roe deer, wild boar, mouflon, ibex but also golden eagles, bearded vultures, kestrels, peregrine falcons and honey buzzards, mountain pheasants, partridges and rock partridges as well as minor fauna.

The trek also provides numerous opportunities for those curious to learn more about the local history: along the Giro dell'Orsiera, you come across testimonies of medieval history (Certosa di Montebenedetto) and the everyday history that provides insight into the lives of the shepherds and mountain folk who have populated these valleys for centuries (rock carvings, cobbled mule tracks, terraced slopes, rural hamlets, fountains and irrigation canals).

From the panoramic points along the G.O., the view stretches to Superga, Rocca di Cavour, Monviso, the Po valley, the crystal clear peaks of the Écrins, of the Vanoise, the Rocciamelone and the Lake of Moncenisio.

The Giro dell’Orsiera is an officially registered regional hike and managed by the authority Ente di gestione delle aree protette delle Alpi Cozie with the collaboration of the local municipalities concerned (Bussoleno, Coazze, Mattie, Roure, San Giorio di Susa and Villar Focchiardo) and the partnership of the Refuges involved.

Points of interest

Ancient mountain pastures where cattle and sheep are kept, mountain villages with examples of vernacular architecture and traces of traditional activities of the past (mule tracks, terraces, irrigation canals), Certosa di Montebenedetto (a 13th-century Carthusian monastery, the only one to have kept its medieval structures intact).

Support points

Rifugio Balma (1986 m), Selleries (2035 m), Toesca (1711 m), Amprimo (1375 m), GEAT Val Gravio (1376 m) Fixed bivouac at Lago Laus (2274 m) unmanaged Refuge at Alpe Orsiera (1935 m) Foresteria della Certosa di Montebenedetto (1149 m)


The village of Molè can be reached by paved road from the Sanctuary of the hamlet of Forno di Coazze (at 0.8 km) and you can park the car near the cluster of buildings. Another place to park is the forecourt of the Sanctuary of Forno.

Other information

Source: Ente di gestione delle aree protette delle Alpi Cozie (2018)
Itinerary code: GDO
Phone coverage: Good coverage with some parts not served.
Recommended period: June, July, Auguat, September
Historical interest: Yes
Classification: Provincial with high mountain development
Provinces crossed: Torino

Departure, arrival and municipalities crossed
Departure and arrival
Borgata Molè
10050 Coazze (TO)
see on map
https://www.parchialpicozie.it/page/view/sentieri-ed-escursioni https://www.parchialpicozie.it/alpicozieoutdoor/
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