Giro del Marguareis: Tappa 3 Rifugio Mondovì Havis de Giorgio - Rifugio Mongioie

da a (10,75 km)
Highlights and tour details

From the Mondovì Havis de Giorgio Refuge, follow the preceding stage to the junction for Passo delle Saline just passed Gias Pra Canton. When the road splits in two shortly after, take the right fork. The road continues on a long flat section and crosses twice the stream that flows on the bottom of the valley. Shortly after Gias Pra Canton, the dirt road climbs up a rocky crag and reaches the junction on the right with the trail for Passo delle Saline. Take the trail and climb to the plateau above. Sign poles guide between fields and rocky outcrops. Now, between alpine meadows, the trail (more sign poles) bends to the right and climbs to a grassy basin. Go up the steep slope (inappropriate shortcuts) which leads to Passo delle Saline (2177 m, 1 hr. 40 min. from the Mondovì Refuge). At the colle ignore two trails: to the right for Cima delle Saline and to the left for Mongioie, and descend quite steeply to Vallone delle Saline, between rounded slopes and grazing basins. Past the refitted Gias delle Saline the landscape changes dramatically. You enter the narrow Gola delle Saline, enclosed between steep limestone walls, which you get past by moving to the orographic left. Out of the gorge, cut a debris slope downhill. Then, entered the wood, to the right you leave the short detour for the Ciarlo Bossi Refuge (1526 m). A little further on, you reach the ruins of Tetti delle Donzelle (1516 m, 1 hr. 10 min. from Passo Delle Saline). At the junction near the ruins, turn left onto the wide trail that reaches Colla di Carnino (1594 m, 15 min. from Tetti delle Donzelle) through a lovely pine forest. Continue on the opposite side of the modest pass, on a slight slope and slight descent, and cross the river that flows in the Vallone delle Fuse over a suspended bridge (if inaccessible, use the trail to the left shortly before the bridge). Descended on a few bends, resume the trail halfway up the slope. Neglect the trail on the right for Viozene and climb slowly: come out of the wood and continue on flat ground on a sun-kissed grassy ridge. Having reached the vast plateau of Pian Rosso, you enter a dirt road; follow it to the left and you reach the Mongioie Refuge (1550 m, 1 hr. from Colla di Carnino).


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Itinerary code: GDM
Classification: Provincial with high mountain development
Provinces crossed: Cuneo

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