Giro del Marguareis: Stage 5 Don Barbera Refuge - Pian delle Gorre

da a (18,02 km)
Highlights and tour details

From the Don Barbera Refuge (2079 m) climb to the nearby Colle dei Signori (2107 m) and take the old grass-covered mule track to the right that winds its way up and down northwards among white limestone rocks. You reach the carriageway for Colle di Tenda and follow it to the right for approx. 700 metres. Having reached the karst basin of Plan Ambreuge (Pian Ambrogi, 2017 m, 0:40 min from Don Barbera Refuge), turn right onto meadows (signpost). Leave the trail for Passo di Scarason to the right, turn left and cross a deep depression. Pointing westwards, you reach a junction at the remains of a barracks, where you climb to the right to the nearby depression of Colla Piana di Malaberga (2219 m, 1hr05min from Plan Ambreuge). Beyond the pass, the mule track branches off: both forks reunite, but it is best to take the left one which skirts Capanna Morgantini (2219 m). The mule track descends to the edges of the Conca delle Carsene then, with a long semi-circle from left to right, bypasses the pasture basin at high altitude of Gias dell’Ortica (1860 m). Leave two trails to the left, respectively for Colle del Carbone and for Passo di Baban. Then, resumed the climb, also ignore the track to the right for Passo Scarason and reach Passo del Duca (1989 m, 1hr45min from Colla Piana di Malaberga), narrow gorge giving access to Valle Pesio. Beyond the pass, a trail descends steeply to the nearby junction, where you keep right to arrive at Colle del Prel soprano (1926 m); here, ignore the junction to the right for the Vallone del Marguareis and descend to the left, along the steep trail that leads to the track of an old former military carriageway. Descend into Vallone degli Arpi, with long hairpin bends and, now in the wood, reach Gias degli Arpi (1435 m, 1hr15min from Passo del Duca, fountain). Having ignored the junction to the left for Gias Fontana, a long gently sloping descent goes around a ridge and leads to the watershed of Vallone del Saut. Pass the Saut Torrent on a wooden walkway, then another branch of the torrent using the wooden bridge on the right. In a short time, reach the clearing where the dirt road ends coming from Pian delle Gorre: leave the trail for the Garelli Refuge to the right and descend on the road to the meadow of Pian delle Gorre (1032 m, 1hr05min from Gias degli Arpi). 

Other information

Itinerary code: GDM
Classification: Provincial with high mountain development
Provinces crossed: Cuneo

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