Giro del Marguareis: stage 4 Mongioie Refuge - Don Barbera Refuge

da a (10,45 km)
Highlights and tour details

From the Mongioie Refuge (1550 m) take the dirt road to the west. Bypass a dirt road on the right and a little further on abandon the road to take the trail to the right for Carnino inferiore. The trail continues at length on a slight slope and, having ignored a fork to the left for Viozene, climbs to a junction: to the right the trail for Grotta delle Vene, straight on (recommended) you reach the bridge suspended over the stream which flows in the Vallone delle Fuse. A last uphill traverse reaches Colla di Carnino (1594 m, 1 hour from the Mongioie Refuge). Descend on the opposite side of the pass on a wide trail which, close to the remains of Tetti delle Donzelle (1516 m, 15 minutes from Colla di Carnino), leads into the dirt road coming from Carnino inferiore. Follow it to the left and abandon it after the second bend to the right: here take the trail which detaches to the left, descends quite rapidly, crosses the dirt road further down the valley, then turns eastwards halfway up the slope and reaches Carnino inferiore (1359 m, 15 minutes from Tetti delle Donzelle). Meandering through the lanes of the village, you reach the paved parking area below. Follow the dirt road which detaches westwards, leaving it immediately to turn left over a bridge to take the comfortable mule track that takes to the carpark of Carnino superiore (1384 m,10 minutes from Carnino Inferiore). Cross the village, ignore the junction to the left for Lagaré Pass, and enter the Vallone di Carnino. The route winds on sun kissed slopes; passed a fountain, the trail crosses the orographic left side of the valley, leaves the junction for Mastrelle Pass to the right and reaches the narrow recess of Gola della Chiusetta (1811 m, 1 hour 20 minutes from Carnino Superiore). The narrow passageway, which gives access to the Vallone dei Maestri, leads to a first grazing plain, followed by a second wider site of the recent alpine pasture of Selle di Carnino and of the Chapel of Sant’Erim. Keeping to the right of the constructions, continue on the trail that with a long diagonal between pastures and rocks slowly gains altitude, leaves on the right the turn-off for Colle del Pas and finally, after a short steeper stretch, reaches the Don Barbera Refuge (2079 m, 1 hour 5 minutes from Gola della Chiusetta).

Other information

Itinerary code: GDM
Classification: Provincial with high mountain development
Provinces crossed: Cuneo

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