Giro del Marguareis: Stage 3a Mondovì Refuge - Mongioie Refuge

da a (12,21 km)
Highlights and tour details

From the Mondovì Havis de Giorgio Refuge follow stage 3 to the junction for Passo delle Saline just beyond the Gias Pra Canton. Here, keep on the dirt road that ends at Gias Gruppetti (0:50 min from the Mondovì Havis De Giorgio Refuge). Leave the gias to the right and climb up through meadows. Beyond a stream, the climb becomes immediately steep, and you need to identify the rare notches  or marker posts without being misled by the tracks of grazing animals. At 1990 m, on level ground that is home to an old gias, the track loses itself among the vegetation. Where present, follow the marker posts, until you find the trail again. Head north, along more steep meadow slopes, to the next gias where the trail turns east and loses itself again. The track re-appears upstream of the gias and resumes along the line of maximum slope at the right-hand edge of a strongly sloping section eroded by rainwater. The trail finally bends to the right and reaches Colle Brignola Seirasso (1hr30min from Gias Gruppetti). On the side of Valle Corsaglia, the trail quickly loses altitude, then turns east and crosses among debris keeping high on the largest of the Lakes of Brignola. Join the more marked trail coming from the lake and follow it to the right, gaining in short the Bocchino della Brignola (2276 m, 0:35 min from Colle Brignola Seirasso). Descend to the opposite side, with a few turns, to the meadow basin below. Go around the basin on the south, following a faint track on a modest meadow ridge, then turn right to descend from the ridge and climb back up to Lake Raschera (2109 m, 0:30 min from Bocchino della Brignola). Skirt the eastern shore of the lake and reach the obvious trail that crosses the foot of the northeast wall of the Mongioie. It bends south, leave the fork for the Cavarero Bivouac on the left and arrive to Bocchino dell’Aseo (2295 m, 0:35 min from Lake Raschera) from which you descend steeply to the beautiful plateau of Pian Rosso and to the Mongioie Refuge (1555 m).

Other information

Itinerary code: GDM
Classification: Provincial with high mountain development
Provinces crossed: Cuneo

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