Anello delle Valli Valdesi (AVV) : Stage 5 Bergerie Giulian - Conca del Prà

Bobbio Pellice (13,60 km)
Highlights and tour details

From Bergeria Giulian (2097 m), follow the dirt road, trail sign 122 (GTA route) to the junction with trail 123 that reaches Colletta delle Faure (2110 m). From Colletta delle Faure (2110 m), follow the agrosilvopastoral track to the right, trail sign 123, almost on level ground; pass Col Bancet, where there are the ruins of an old military shelter and continue in the direction of Alpe Bancet (2242 m). After going through the Alpine houses, go down the path that crosses a small plateau and reaches the south-eastern ridge of Punta Resiassa. From here descend to Col Content (2104 m), where there are two bunkers dating back to the Second World War and a small barracks leaning against the rock face. From here, it is possible to reach the village of Villanova along a winding and picturesque military mule track that descends the steep valley of rio Cambalera. To continue on the itinerary, from Col Content continue on trail 123 that crosses the pastures of Costa Santa Maria, fords the rio Crosenna and arrives at Alpe Crosenna (1653 m), where you find the homonymous holiday farmhouse.From the mountain pasture, take route 118, which climbs the northern side of the valley of Rio Crosenna, and on a long trail you arrive in the narrow valley of Urina in Barricate (2059 m), so named because nearby defence works were set up during the religious wars at the end of the 17th century. From here, take trail 119, pass near Grange del Pis, and descend to the entrance of the Prà basin (1742 m). Here it is possible to stay at the nearby Jervis Refuge and at the Ciabot del Pra (1732 m), while other alpine pastures are further away among the extensive meadows.

Points of interest

Colle Giulian, Col Bancet (scenic point) military structures of Col Content, Barricate, Conca del Prà

Support points

Bivacco Bergerie Giulian, Agriturismo Alpe Crosenna, Rifugio Willy Jervis, Rifugio Ciabot del Prà, Agriturismo Catalin


The village of Villanova can be reached by car and then you proceed on foot along the path that leads to Conca del Pra (approximately 2-hrs walk)

Other information

Source: Unione Montana del Pinerolese
Itinerary code: AVV
Phone coverage: Wind 60%, Vodafone 20%, Tim 10%
Recommended period: Summer period
Historical interest: Yes
Classification: Medium and low mountain provincial
Provinces crossed: Torino

Departure, arrival and municipalities crossed
Bergerie Giulian
10060 Bobbio Pellice (TO)
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Conca del Prà
10060 Bobbio Pellice (TO)
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