Anello delle Valli Valdesi (AVV) Stage 4: Alpe Caougis - Bergerie Giulian

da Villar Pellice a Bobbio Pellice (17,00 km)
Highlights and tour details

From Alpe Caougis you take path 129 again towards Chiot del Cavallo; after the marble quarry situated about 15 minutes from the start, we take the path indicated on the left towards Alpe Subiasco, trail no. 126. The path, recently restored after the re-use of the alpine pasture, descends slowly along meadows and gullies under the watershed between the Subiasco stream and the Conca dei tredici laghi, a basin with 13 small stretches of water in Val Germanasca, up to the cottages of Alpe Subiasco (1874 m). After passing the houses, descend to the left along the path and cross the pastures below the steep Roccia Pejrun wall until you reach the huts in the locality of Barma d'Aut (1513 m). At the alpine pasture you find path 128 of the "Vallone degli invincibili" coming from the village of Bessè in Villar Pellice. The itinerary continues westwards (trail no. 127) crossing the Subiasco stream until reaching Rocca Chabert (1450), an imposing rocky peak overhanging the valley. From here the path is much easier and you shortly reach Serre Sarsena (1328 m) from where you continue on a dirt road until the locality of Sarsena Superiore (1221 m) where you take the dirt road (Path 125) of the "Glorious Repatriation of the Waldensians" (GRV). The walk continues passing the localities of Serre Cruel (1334 m) and Cruel (1285 m) to go up to that of Giausart d'Amount, where the mule track becomes a path towards the Cruello valley and arrives in the locality of Prapic (1336 m). The great spire of Giussarant that offered shelter to the Waldensians during the persecutions stands tall above. The path goes up for a short stretch to reach a small bridge, a locality called Passerelle (1440 m) dominated by the Aguglietta peak. Beyond Passerelle the path climbs on steep hairpin bends and goes north until reaching the Grange Giulian (2105 m) scattered among the rocky boulders where the Giulian Municipal Bivouac is located. From here, you can continue in a northerly direction by taking the mule track that climbs between the pastures to Colle Giulian (2451 m).

From the locality of Prapic it is also possible to go down to the Cruello stream and go up the opposite side along a forest track that leads to the locality of Taja where the Rifugio Cruello (1250 m) is located.

Points of interest

Rocca Chabert, Gran Guglia di Giussarant, Colle Giulian

Support points

Bivacco Giulian, Rifugio Cruello, Bivacco Caugis

Other information

Source: Unione Montana del Pinerolese
Itinerary code: AVV
Phone coverage: wind : 30% coverage tim : 60% coverage, vodafone: 20% coverage
Recommended period: Summer period
Historical interest: Yes
Classification: Medium and low mountain provincial
Provinces crossed: Torino

Departure, arrival and municipalities crossed
Alpe Caougis
10060 Villar Pellice (TO)
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Bergerie Giulian
10060 Bobbio Pellice (TO)
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