Anello Ceronda (AC)

da Balangero a Lanzo Torinese (69,05 km)
Highlights and tour details

The ANELLO CERONDA (AC) hiking and trail biking itinerary has this name because it develops in a ring-shape (anello) and mostly covers the valley of the Ceronda stream.

The route is characterised by two sections with different characteristics: a mountainous and panoramic part, which stretches across the slopes of the Massiccio Ultrabasico (Massif) in Lanzo, and an almost flat part which, at the foot of the pre-alpine mountain range, runs along the protected area of the La Mandria Regional Park. In both sections of the route, there is a succession of remarkable environmental contexts, some stretches of the route offer a boundless panorama of Turin and the Po Valley.  You will go along ancient mule tracks and rural roads through the villages, farming areas and the historical and cultural heritage of the Lower Valley municipalities.

Departing from Balangero and initially reaching the Parco del Ponte del Diavolo (Devil's Bridge Park) in Lanzo, the route first covers the mountain part with a series of ascents and descents that cross the mountain range until reaching the highest altitudes in the area of Colle del Lys. Once the slopes overlooking Valle di Susa have been reached, the route begins to lower in altitude to finally meet the return stages that stretch across the flat farming strip that surrounds La Mandria Park until reaching Stura di Lanzo and closing the ring again at Ponte del Diavolo.

The route can be used entirely as a simple level hiking trail even if some of the stages are demanding in terms of length and, in the height of summer, the high temperatures and southern exposure can considerably increase fatigue. Thanks to some variations that avoid the typical hiking sections, the route can be entirely covered by mountain bike.

Due to the proximity to the villages on all the stages, the stop-off points are made up of small tourist facilities and holiday farms typical of the villages you come across and, to a lesser extent, of mountain refuges.

The routes are along paths or suitably signposted trails and are mostly on rural dirt roads and forest tracks. All these routes can be covered with no need for equipment all year round, with the exception of the stretches above 1000 m that require the use of snowshoes only in the case of heavy snowfall. The length of some stages, both hiking and trail biking, require good training. Being a circular route it is possible to access it from any point and proceed in both directions. The itinerary offers the possibility to vary the route by joining the Lanzo starting point with the Trek Calcante, which can become an alternative stretch towards the Middle and Upper Valley areas.


Points of interest

Castle ruins, The "Sim", Lanzo-Borgaro cycle touring path, Former Asbestos Quarry, Ecomuseum of Mountaineering History of the Lanzo Valleys, Museum of Textile Art of Lanza, Silmax Museum of Tools, Ancient Road for the Viù Valley, Door and Civic Tower of Aymone of Challant, “N. Grosa" documentation centre of Contemporary History and the Resistance, Wine Museum, Ethnographic Museum of Everyday Objects, Ancient Road for the Viù Valley, Mount Momello panoramic viewpoint (774 m), Chapel of San Rocco, Hiking Routes "Il Sentiero dell'acqua", Hiking Routes "I gusti della montagna", Antiquarium of Baratonia Castle, Chapel of Madonna della Neve, Chapel of San Biagio, Borgata Moncolombone, Chapel of San Grato and San Giuseppe, The remains of Visconti Castle in Baratonia, Strict Nature Reserve of "Madonna della Neve su Monte Lera", Ecomuseum of the Resistance, Extended Museum of Sacred Art, Trail of the Partisans, Colle del Lys Nature Park, Villa Franchetti, La Mandria Nature Park, Ecomuseum of Val Ceronda, La Cassa Wetland, Belvedere plateau, Sanctuary of Maria Ausiliatrice and Via route, Madonna della Neve Crucis Nature Reserve, Church of San Donato Vescovo e Martire, Church of Santa Maria della Spina, Fairy tales and Woods - Outdoor Artistic itinerary, Fiano Castle, Chapel of Sant'Anna, Church of San Desiderio, StouRing, Corona Verde Stura, Cà Bianca


Main section: You take the cycle path from the town of Balangero that goes from nearby the station to Lanzo; alternatively, you can go directly from Lanzo Torinese from the entrance of the Ponte del Diavolo Park. Both points can be easily reached by public transport near the two railway stations, or by car from the SP 2 main road. Intermediate sections: The route crosses or skims the towns and villages of Germagnano, Cafasse, Vallo Torinese, Varisella, Fiano, La Cassa, Givoletto, Val Della Torre, Viù and Rubiana. From all these points, at the hiker's discretion and by consulting the map, it is possible to find easy connections from which to start the itinerary from the intermediate stages.

Other information

Itinerary code: ANC
Recommended period: All year
Historical interest: Yes
Classification: Medium and low mountain provincial
Provinces crossed: Torino

Other disabled facilities
A partially accessible itinerary for people with disabilities.
Departure, arrival and municipalities crossed
10070 Balangero (TO)
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Ponte del Diavolo
10074 Lanzo Torinese (TO)
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