Alta Via dell'Anfiteatro Morenico of Ivrea: Stage 5A Vialfrè - Frazione Pricco

da Vialfrè a Castellamonte (13,40 km)
Highlights and tour details

In the centre of Vialfré, take Via S. Michele on the left passing in front of the church of Saints Peter and Paul. Continue straight along the street to Agliè and, near the cemetery turn right onto the SP54/d1. At a bend take a dirt road on the right and follow the signs to reach the Pianezze equipped area. Ignore two forks on the left, continuing to the Madonna della Rotonda Sanctuary, which will not be reached (unless you make a diversion) as you will continue to Bric Vignadoma at the hairpin bend in front of it. Once past it, continue along strada del Favro until you reach a crossroads where you will take the road towards Bairo. Then, instead of continuing on strada Ceriola, turn right towards the castle of Torre Canavese. When you reach the SP56 follow it to the right and then turn left onto via dietro Castello. Near a shrine keep right and follow the signs for Cascina Mompino. Just before reaching it (shrine), turn left and you will reach the Romanesque chapel of S. Giacomo Apostolo. From here, follow the signs to arrive at an asphalt road that you take to the left for a short stretch and then take the dirt road on the right that leads to Cascina Fantasia. At the end of the road (gate) you skirt a golf course and reach a new asphalt road. Go left on it for a short stretch and then take the trail on the right that ends on the road to Canton Piana at the hamlet of Pricco di Castellamonte.

Other information

Itinerary code: AMI
Phone coverage: Good
Recommended period: April - October
Access by public transport: Yes
Classification: Medium and low mountain provincial
Provinces crossed: Torino

Notes on public transport
Public transport service is present
Departure, arrival and municipalities crossed
Via Roma, 1
10090 Vialfrè (TO)
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Frazione Pricco
10081 Castellamonte (TO)
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