Alta Via dell'Anfiteatro Morenico of Ivrea: Stage 2 Lake of Bertignano - Masino Castle

da Viverone a Caravino (18,50 km)
Highlights and tour details

We go along the asphalt road that skirts Lake Bertignano on the right until reaching a white shrine where we continue on the left on a natural terrain road. Further on we go right and, leaving the stretch of water behind us, proceed towards the village of S. Vitale. At the crossroads near the homonymous church, we take the asphalt road to the right for Roppolo. At 24.34 km we keep left (via San Vitale) and further on go left again. When we arrive in front of a small church we keep to the right, then turn into via Pioglio and when we reach a bend we proceed along the cartroad in front of us. After several crossroads, we reach the Pioglio pond and then the SS228. We follow it on the left towards Cavaglià and then take the SP421. Ignoring the detours to C.na Colombino and Corbellina/Lovizzo we reach the crossroads near the Emanuele di Bricherasio foundation where we go straight on a dirt road. At the top of the climb, we turn left leaving the clearly visible Castle of Morzano behind us. The path crosses the C.na Loggie Piana and then reaches the former ammunition depot (armoury). We cross the SP41 and follow the dirt road which, bypassing the Bric della Vigna, leads over the tunnel of the Santhià - Ivrea motorway link road. Always following the wooden signs and posts, we pass north of Bric Mezzacosta and then arrive at Sapel da Bras where we descend to the left. At the next crossroads, we go right. Continuing straight on, we pass near the ruins of the church of S. Dalmazzo di Erbario and then reach the provincial road that connects Borgo d'Ale with Cossano Canavese. We follow it to the right and then take a road on the left that soon becomes a dirt road. We keep right near a wooden cross until reaching the locality "Lusenta 1". By continuing straight on you can cut out a large part of the route (that is, the whole part that takes us to Masino). If we want to complete the whole route, we will instead go right on the cartroad that leads uphill to the locality of Baruna. Here, we turn right, so keeping to the left twice we head to the road that leads to Masino. Proceed as far as the bend where there is a boundary wall and then take the dirt road on the left with the indication "Lusenta 2". Those who wish to see the castle of Masino (about a 1.4 km round trip) can reach it with a small diversion by following the asphalt road.

Other information

Itinerary code: AMI
Phone coverage: Good
Recommended period: April - October
Access by public transport: Yes
Classification: Medium and low mountain provincial
Provinces crossed: Biella Valsesia Vercelli, Biella Valsesia Vercelli, Torino

Notes on public transport
Public transport service
Departure, arrival and municipalities crossed
Strada Lago Bertignano
Lago di Bertignano
13886 Viverone (BI)
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Castello di Masino
10010 Caravino (TO)
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