Alta Via dell'Anfiteatro Morenico di Ivrea: Stage 5 Vialfrè - Brosso Chiesa di San Michele Arcangelo

da Vialfrè a Brosso (25,50 km)
Highlights and tour details

In the centre of Vialfré follow Via S. Michele to the right, exiting the town until, after a car park, you take Via per Selva to the left. Close by, you emerge on the road that connects Torre Canavese with S. Martino. Follow it to the right until you meet a votive aedicule where you continue on the dirt road with signs for Torbiera di S. Giovanni. Having reached provincial road SP62, go left going along the Peat bog. Passed the bridge of Vho, take the second dirt road to the left. The track will soon go along a field and, helped by poles, reaches a more marked dirt road that to the right will take you to S. Giovanni. Cross the town on a paved road following the Main street and having reached close to the homonymous church turn left onto Via Ivrea. After a bend, leave the detour to the right for Canton Pricco (votive aedicule) and, after the cemetery, take the other variant coming from our left. To continue on, descend further to the point “Continuation of route”. If you have chosen the option Selva/S.Giovanni continue downhill and at its end, instead of reaching the hamlet, to the left (36,93) follow the dirt road for Ponte dei Preti. Cross it and go up the opposite slope. Having reached the road, continue on the opposite side along Via Alleu that takes to Strambinello.Close to a medieval tower turn left onto Via Selva that takes to the homonymous village. Having reached the road that connects Strambinello with Vistrorio follow it to the left until close to a bend next to the dam of Gurzia you take a dirt road to the right which after several junctions will take to Vigna Bella (last section passes through the thick vegetation which reduces the passage). Pay attention to the votive aedicule at km 46.04 because after a few metres you need to take the ridge trail (on the right – first section cannot be cycled). Having reached a paved road, follow it to the right and later go left on the dirt road that crosses close to the Chapel of S. Rocco. At km 48.30 keep right and following Montefiorito street reach the paved road that to the right descends to the provincial road SP68. Follow it on the right to km. 49.96 when we turn left on the road that goes along Lake Alice. We leave it at Km 50.84 for a dirt track that merges onto a paved road. From here, go to the right and then at the next junction go left. Go back up to the road arriving from Brosso; continue along it on the left descending to the junction that leads to the lake of Meugliano. Having reached the lake, go along it to the left and having reached the other end take the trail to the left. At the top of the climb, continue to the road for Brosso that you will follow to the left. Head for the village and, after a car park, take Via Cavour to the right and shortly after climb again to the right to the Church of San Michele Arcangelo.

Other information

Itinerary code: AMI
Recommended period: April - October
Access by public transport: Yes
Classification: Medium and low mountain provincial
Provinces crossed: Torino

Notes on public transport
Public transport service is present
Departure, arrival and municipalities crossed
Via Roma, 1
10090 Vialfrè (TO)
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Chiesa di San Michele Arcangelo
10080 Brosso (TO)
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