Alta Via Canavesana: Stage 5 Alpe Vailet - Ceresole Reale

da Chialamberto a Ceresole Reale (15,40 km)
Highlights and tour details

From Alpi Vailet the path continues westwards, going up to the right until it reaches the base of a rocky bastion, skirts it and passes it to the right. At a crossroads, turn left (the path on the righ leads to Alpi del Seone at 2398 m) reaching a small lake at 2480 m (not marked on maps). Continue in a north-westerly direction towards the Seone Lakes which you leave on the right. Bend left and cross the rocky ramparts on a series of ledges leading to the pass. With a slightly uphill traverse on a grassy slope where the track disappears you reach Colle della Terra d'Unghiasse at 2633 m where there is an excellent panorama (1.30 hours from the departure point). From the pass the path descends a steep slope to the Laghi d'Unghiasse at 2648 m, skirts the southern shore, arrives first at the Gran Lago 2494 m and then at Lago Fertà 2557 m (1.30 hours from Colle della Terra d'Unghiasse). From the lake climb to Colle della Terra 2720 m, descend along the path, where there are landslides on part of it, but it is always visible and halfway up the hill you arrive at Colle della Crocetta at 2641 m that connects the Lanzo Valleys with Valle di Ceresole (2.30 hours from Colle della Terra d'Unghiasse). To descend to Ceresole Reale follow the GTA path to Villa Poma at 1584 m. In Ceresole there is a wide range of accommodation facilities (hotels, campsites, refuges) including a GTA stop-off point near the Fonti Minerali (mineral springs once renowned for their healthy thermal qualities), and the Mila Hiking Refuge.

Other information

Itinerary code: AVC
Classification: Medium and low mountain provincial
Provinces crossed: Torino

Departure, arrival and municipalities crossed
Alpe Vailet
10070 Chialamberto (TO)
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10080 Ceresole Reale (TO)
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