Alta Via Canavesana: Stage 3 Rifugio Salvin - Santuario Madonna di Ciavanis

da Monastero di Lanzo a Chialamberto (9,00 km)
Highlights and tour details

From Rifugio Salvin you go back up along path 408 up to the crossroads with 408A and you take the Variant 2B again below Alpe Pertus, (or go up from the refuge on path 407 to the crossroads with path 322, skirt the Monastero Lake and intercept the Itinerary on the ridge near Alpe di Coassolo) continuing on the grassy slope up to the meteorological station near Alpe di Costapiana at 2046 m. Here you meet the dirt road that arrives from Chiaves, and following a stretch of it you reach Alpe di Coassolo at 2032 m, (water supply) (1 hour from the crossroads). Then turn right, follow a cart track and then climb halfway up the hillside to Colle della Gavietta, continue on the slopes of Monte Marsé and finally reach Monte Bellavarda at 2345 m along its southern slope, with excellent views (2 hours from Alpe di Coassolo). Going down along the North ridge (careful when rainy or snowy as the stretch is very steep, difficulty EE) you reach Colle della Paglia at 2151 m. Continue for a flat stretch and then descend to the left along the path to Alpe Paglia Superiore at 1850 m; turn right reaching Alpe Ciavanis just above the homonymous Sanctuary, a panoramic viewpoint. (1.45 hours from Monte Bellavarda). You need to be equipped with a tent to stay overnight and water is nearby. Alternatively, you can descend from Alpe Paglia to the Holiday Farm in the hamlet of Vonzo di Chialamberto by following path 326

Other information

Itinerary code: AVC
Classification: Medium and low mountain provincial
Provinces crossed: Torino

Departure, arrival and municipalities crossed
Rifugio Salvin
10070 Monastero di Lanzo (TO)
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Santuario Madonna di Ciavanis
10070 Chialamberto (TO)
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