Alta Via Canavesana: Stage 10: Talosio - Frazione Bech (Ingria)

da Ribordone a Ingria (18,60 km)
Highlights and tour details

From Talosio follow the paved road for about 500 m to the Sanctuary of Prascondù (1321 m). Near the first hairpin bend take the mule track on the right that leads to the Sanctuary (45 minutes). From the Sanctuary take the GTA path that coincides in this stretch with the Giroparco Gran Paradiso and which passes first behind the Balmot huts and then the Barlan ones (1474 m). Go up among grasslands on the G.T.A.A./A.V.C. path, go round a turreted rock formation (visible from below) to reach Alpe del Roc (1812 m) and then continue uphill to Colle Crest (2040 m). Carry on from Colle Crest on the Ribordone side and reach a wide depression called Pian delle Masche (1953 m, 2.30 hours from the Sanctuary), which is considered a witches meeting place. From here follow the path that passes through a hollow (a slate stone quarry), to descend into the valley of Guaria, first passing the Alpi le Goie (1864 m) and Ciavanis (1727 m). From here the path climbs slightly uphill and then begins to descend again through a wood of birch and larch trees on the left side of the valley to the houses of Masonaie. (2 hours from Pian delle Masche). From here continue on the asphalt road with little traffic for about 1.3 km. A few metres from a wayside shrine on the right (with wooden figures), go down the ancient mule track and through a beautiful wood reaching the Stavalle (889 m) and Rastut huts. Cross the stream as best as you can. From here follow the old pipeline on the left that led to Ingria for about 20 metres, go uphill, cross the meadow and reach the second section of the pipeline. At the beginning of it there are a few steps and then a stretch in the wood to reach the village of Villanuova. Go right (towards Pont Canavese) along the asphalt road for 300 metres and near the bar-restaurant take the bridge on the left (signs for Tiglietto), cross it and after a steep climb you arrive at the hamlet of Crotto (1 hour from Masonaie). Go through the hamlet and take the asphalt road oncemore, crossing the bridge over the stream and continuing for a stretch until you meet a dirt road (built in 2012) that reaches the hamlet of Mombianco (church with fresco of the Holy Shroud). Beyond the hamlet of Mombianco there are the uninhabited houses of Salsa that are in terrible condition (992 m), Alberetto (971 m), the Sanctuary of Santa Libera e Betassa (925 m), which is reached by a cart track (Vallone di Codebiollo).
At the beginning of the cart track after Betassa there is a path near a big chestnut tree on the right (look out for the signs) that leads inside the hamlet of Bech (985 m), where there is the bivouac built by the municipality of Ingria and where you can spend the night.
From Colle Crest at the beginning of the dirt road of Mombianco, the path is well signposted.


Other information

Itinerary code: AVC
Classification: Medium and low mountain provincial
Provinces crossed: Torino

Departure, arrival and municipalities crossed
10080 Ribordone (TO)
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Frazione Bech
10080 Ingria (TO)
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