UNESCO Grand Tour by Bicycle

UNESCO Grand Tour by Bicycle (arch 4) - From Racconigi to Avigliana: at the foot of mount Monviso, between the Po Valley and the Susa Valley

da Racconigi a Avigliana (133,90 km)
Highlights and tour details

The route of the fourth arch of the Grand Tour among the UNESCO sites leaves Racconigi, crosses the Maira river and goes up the course along the banks and the countryside passing through Cavallerleone to reach the historic centre of Savigliano. Cross the Maira river again and, following the Cavalotta road, you will reach the group of farm buildings and the Maresco palace, a magnificent, isolated residence in the countryside. The route follows the river Varaita, crosses it via the bridge of the road that leads to Saluzzo (busy stretch) but immediately after, it turns south again to reach the village of Lagnasco. The route now crosses the countryside between long rows of fruit trees and passing through the village of Verzuolo, arrives at the Castello della Manta and its village, a FAI protected heritage. The Grand Tour then travel through the city of Saluzzo, near the MAB UNESCO Reserve of Monviso and the Po river. The route then heads towards the Po river, follows its banks and crosses it at the bridge of the road to Revello.
The route continues through the countryside, partly on unpaved roads, to the group of farm buildings and the Abbey of Staffarda. Still through country roads you will reach Cavour, with the Rocca, a clear sign in the landscape between Pinerolo and Saluzzo. Take the bicycle path at the foot of the Rocca, pass through the ancient Abbey of Santa Maria, and cross the historic centre. Then continue for a few kilometres along quiet country roads, passing through the neoclassical villa of the Counts of Luserna near the town of Campiglione. The route now runs along the bicycle path on the grounds of the disused railway that ran between Barge and the village of Bricherasio, which you should visit before continuing along small country roads at the foot of the mountains of Val Pellice up to San Secondo di Pinerolo with its Miradolo Castle and magnificent park. Immediately after, you will cross the Chisone river and enter Pinerolo (railway connection with Turin and cycle link to Turin, passing through the park and the Stupinigi hunting lodge of 43 km). Leave Pinerolo along the streets at the foot of the hills of Frossasco, pass by the church of San Giacomo with the beautiful tower and the magnificent horse chestnut, a protected monumental tree. Continue to Piossasco, then slightly climb towards the castle, the church of San Vito and the beautiful Villa Lajolo with its historic park. Cross the historic centre in the flat part of the village and between the fields and reach Sangano (possible bicycle path connection with Turin along the Sangone river, passing through Stupinigi of 31 km). The itinerary continues and crosses the Sangone river before entering Trana and reaching the lakes of Avigliana. Go along the lakes to avoid the busy main road then go up to the historic centre.

Points of interest

Castello della Manta
Miradolo castle


Castello di Racconigi
Stupinigi hunting Lodge
Monviso Biosphere Reserve

Departure, arrival and municipalities crossed
12035 Racconigi (CN)
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10051 Avigliana (TO)
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