What to do in Winter

EscursionAble (ESA)

Balme (3,20 km)
Highlights and tour details

From the starting point at the ice rink, take the wide path in a south-easterly direction. The first section of the trail is very easy to walk along independently, even for people with reduced mobility or the visual impaired. The layout of the road surface has been carefully designed to provide suitable stability for wheelchair users and guidance elements have been provided for orientation and protection in areas where there is a risk of falling. The environment is still mountainous and therefore subject to unexpected changes, so the presence of a guide is recommended for people with special needs and difficulties. Already in the first steps it will be possible to perceive the strong presence of the natural environment of the forest upstream and of the stream that flows impetuously in the centre of the valley. The latter creates a very suggestive waterfall called "la Gorgia" near the path, which provides the spectacle of a wild cascade of water of several tens of metres in the centre of the village. After enjoying the visual and sound spectacle of la Gorgia, the path heads further into the mountainside. In the vegetation it is possible to encounter the song of numerous species of alpine avifauna and the movement of terrestrial fauna in the woods. After passing through the thicker woodland, you find yourself in a more open area near the Pakinò ski lift. Here, the panoramic view opens out onto the rocky slopes of Uja di Mondrone (summit height 2964 m), which offers the full spectacle of the severity of the pyramidal peaks on which numerous sportsmen and women compete. With a good pair of binoculars and a bit of luck, you could spot some experienced hikers on the higher paths or, with patient searching, some of the numerous ibexes that populate the valley that even reach the village from time to time. The easiest part of the route ends here, and an uphill section begins, which heads south and climbs the slope on which the Pakinò baby-level ski lift is located, where in winter it is possible for even the youngest children to learn the technique of Alpine skiing. Going up the slope, along the tracks of the path or following the forest track, you can easily reach the Arbosetta mountain pasture, from which you can descend again in a southerly direction along rural road no. 214B that connects with the hamlet of Frè. You are now at the entrance to the Servin valley, with its wild and pure charm. Once you have admired the view to the south, cross Rio Paschiet and take the forest track on the opposite bank, which leads in a north-easterly direction. Continuing along this track no. 214C, cross the wooded slope along the hillside. It will once again be possible to catch a glimpse of the alpine fauna among the trees and clearings, and further away, the peaks and slopes of the mountains surrounding the valley. A short, slightly steeper descent, always on a wide and well-maintained track, leads to the plateau of Villaggio Albaron, where the hiking section ends. Taking the roads in the village, it is possible to return to the departure point, stopping for refreshments or a longer stay in the welcoming tourist facilities of Balme, some of which are perfectly equipped and able to accommodate people with disabilities or difficulties.

Support points

 Rifugio Les Montagnards Frazione Cornetti 73, 10070 Balme +39 347 3634082 info@lesmontagnards.it www.lesmontagnards.it.

Other information

Itinerary code: ESA
Recommended period: All year. Snow shoes are needed in the winter.
Historical interest: Yes
Provinces crossed: Torino

Other disabled facilities
Hiking itinerary designed for people with disabilities
Departure, arrival and municipalities crossed
Piazzale Pattinaggio
10070 Balme (TO)
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Villaggio Albaron
10070 Balme (TO)
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