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Val Varaita Trekking: Stage 2 Isasca - Frassino

da Isasca a Frassino (16,30 km)
Highlights and tour details

From the square of Isasca we take the road that connects Venasca with the village and the Colla di Brondello, we turn right and, a few meters later, left towards the village of Castello. We climb the steep asphalted road up to the village and take the dirt road that descends below the houses, on stony ground.A pleasant route among the chestnut trees leads us to a junction with a road on the right that leads to the houses of Chiot. We keep left and go to the asphalt road that goes up from Brossasco. We continue on the asphalt road downhill that takes us to the village (via Verdi). We go up next to the washhouse and we arrive in front of the parish church of S.Andrea. We take via Camposanto, a flat route until via Gilba, on which we turn left passing by the quirky church of San Giacomo, with an octagonal layout. Shortly after a bottleneck, we turn right onto a dirt road that passes in front of the houses and takes us to a small bridge below the imposing forced pipeline. We reach the "Tiglieto", a small fenced park, turn right and take via Vecchia Val Varaita on the left. We go up between the houses following the red and white signs along a dirt road, then again on a steep asphalt road on the right. At the beginning of the village of Costabella, which coincides with the end of the road, we turn left where a dirt road, first a cart road and then a mule track, climbs in the woods progressively increasing in altitude. We pass alongside an old abandoned but well-preserved meira (mountain hut), reaching the dirt road built for the construction of the Enel pipeline. Keeping to the left, with a flat and panoramic route, we reach the village of S.Eusebio with the ancient parish church from which we continue on the carriage road to the village of Perotti. From the concrete-based hairpin bends a pleasant diversion on the right leads to the chapel of San Michele, built overlooking the Gilba valley. Continuing along the carriage road, we come to the village of Pantoisa and reach the sanctuary of Madonna della Betulla. We go straight on the dirt road and then turn left on a path that leads us to the village of Nivo Soprano. We pass on a nice little road with vertical flagstones to its sides leaving out the path that goes down to the left. We are on a dirt road again and we keep to the right reaching the chapel of San Bernardo delle Sottole.We take the dirt road on the left until we reach the village of Campo Soprano (Ciamp Subiran), where the track becomes asphalt. Keeping to the left at the first fork, we reach the S.Claudio chapel from where the mule track downhill leads us among the houses of Ciamp Subiran (Campo Soprano), once we have gone through them  we take the old road on the left to Frassino which crosses the new asphalt road at some points until we reach the village. As an alternative to the direct descent to Frassino, from Campo Soprano keeping even more to the left, you can take the mule track that goes down to the village of Preit near which is the B&B l'Estelo, with rooms for an overnight stay. From here you reconnect to Frassino passing through Borgata a Valle (Ruà d'aval).

Points of interest

Parish church of S.Andrea (XV century) - Church of S.Giacomo (XVIII century) - Church of S.Eusebio (XV century megalithic portal) - Santuario Madonna della Betulla (XVIII century) - Chapel of S.Michele (XIV century panoramic point) - Chapel S.Bernardo delle Sottole (XIX century)

Support points

Brossasco - town centre

Other information

Source: Unione Montana Valle Varaita
Itinerary code: VVT
Recommended period: Spring-autumn-winter
Devotional interest: Yes
Access by public transport: Yes
Classification: Medium and low mountain provincial
Provinces crossed: Cuneo

Notes on public transport
BUSCOMPANY Saluzzo-Costigliole-Pontechianale bus line http://bit.ly/2zKdJ5A - bus stop in Frassino
Departure, arrival and municipalities crossed
P.zza San Massimo
12020 Isasca (CN)
see on map
P.zza Marconi
12020 Frassino (CN)
see on map
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