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Val Varaita Trekking: Stage 1 Verzuolo - Isasca

da Verzuolo a Isasca (13,60 km)
Highlights and tour details

In Verzuolo you leave from Via al Castello, after the wing, going up to the right on the asphalt road and passing between the old houses of the Guardia district and next to a votive shrine, where the road turns left and starts to go along the ridge of the hill. After a stretch of mule track, you reach Pian Fiorito. You continue through the woods and reach the Sanctuary of Santa Cristina. You go up the steep dirt road from the square in front of the church and after 50 metres, leave it behind to take the narrow path on the left that leads us to the San Salvatore shrine. Continue downhill from here to Pian Colletto, a crossroads of several paths. Stay on the one what goes up and reach the top of the hill where the white chapel of S.Bernardo Vecchio is located. Take the Isasca - Venasca direction on a narrow path that follows the watershed. Stay on the ridge with various ascents and descents, then follow the direction for Isasca. You enter a magnificent chestnut grove and go down to the village square.

Points of interest

Sanctuary of S.Cristina, Chapel of S.Bernardo il Vecchio

Support points

Verzuolo: La villa: bakery and grocery stores


from the traffic lights in the centre of Verzuolo, continue towards via Castello

Other information

Source: Unione Montana Valle Varaita
Itinerary code: VVT
Recommended period: winter-spring-autumn
Devotional interest: Yes
Classification: Medium and low mountain provincial
Provinces crossed: Cuneo

Departure, arrival and municipalities crossed
12039 Verzuolo (CN)
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12020 Isasca (CN)
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Accomodations and services

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