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Piemonte Gravel - Petalo Gavi e Ovada D.O.C.

Novi Ligure (154,00 km)
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Monferrato is a name which recalls hills, perched villages and Infernot, historical cellars classified as UNESCO heritage sites dug in a local stone called Pietra da Cantoni. For the many gravel enthusiasts who travel it by bike, above all it means dirt roads, wide valleys, vineyards and panoramas, with an extension that can only be compared with that of Tuscany.

The route is inspired by the RandoMario race, but it is a non-competitive version. The route starts from Novi Ligure, the city of the Museum of the Campionissimi. The race DNA can be perceived immediately. It is fast, fluid, and exciting. From Novi, it goes southwards to the foothill and panoramic zone of Gavi. Between adventurous downhills and hill sprints, you return to the lowland to arrive in what we call "little Kansas"; it could be the home of gravel. Of the off-road handlebars from 30 and more per hour immersed in the fields of grain or in the vineyards. Hard and pure gravel. The return towards Novi unwinds in the countryside and on secondary roads with light traffic. Cycling slowly is never easy.

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Departure and arrival
15067 Novi Ligure (AL)

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