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Cossato (56,80 km)
Highlights and tour details

The route departs from the square in front of the railway station in Cossato and continues northwards. At the first roundabout turn right into the main street of the town, via Mazzini, a few kilometres from Biella. After Piazza Cavour and the church of SM Assunta, turn left into Via Giuseppe Garibaldi, and, continuing northwards, you will arrive in Lessona, a small town on the hills and among the vineyards where the Rosso Lessona is produced. This wine is also known as the "wine of Italy" because it was chosen by the then Minister of Finance, Quintino Sella, instead of champagne to toast the unification of Italy. The non-demanding route continues up and down, reaching the village of Masserano and then the village of Brusnengo. The village of Masserano boasts a glorious past as a Papal Fief under the rule of the Ferrero-Fieschi family, who ruled over this Principality for five centuries. Worth visiting are the Palazzo dei Principi, a small jewel of Piedmontese Baroque, the Collegiate Church, the Church of San Teonesto and the Church of Santo Spirito. Once in Brusnengo, the road climbs up to La Sella Refuge in Baltigati, famous for the passage of one of the Special Stages of the Biella Rally della Lana, now a rally for historic cars. The road (approx. 9.5 km, average gradient 4%) begins with a slight incline and then becomes more challenging with some stretches with gradients of 10%. Along the subsequent descent, it is worth visiting the "Fabbrica della Ruota" (former Zignone wool factory), built around 1878, one of the best-known examples of industrial archaeology in Italy. It houses the Textile Industry Documentation Centre, consisting of around 60 archival collections and a specialised library. Continuing the descent for about 6 km, you join the road coming from Pray and then start to climb for 8.1 km (a few short stretches up to 10%), following the Sessera stream as far as the vicinity of Coggiola (its speciality and Slow Food Presidium, the Paletta) to reach Trivero, the gateway to the Oasi Zegna, a remarkable mountain nature reserve sponsored by the Ermenegildo Zegna industrial group, the famous clothing brand known throughout the world for the quality of its products. You will also visit the Centro Zegna with its services and the Zegna brand outlet. Possibility of visiting the Casa Zegna Museum by appointment to learn more about Zegna's history and tradition. Finally downhill along the SP 232 road, turn right following the signs for the Sanctuary of the Brughiera (if you wish, you can extend your route by a few hundred metres to reach and visit the Sanctuary) and descend left towards the hamlet of Barbato, passing through the hamlets of Bulliana, Sella, Piane and Bellaria before rejoining the provincial road as far as Campore (12 km). From here the road climbs with easy gradients for 2 km to the hamlet of Franzoi and then descends towards the destination, passing through the villages of Vallanzengo and Quaregna. Arrival in the square in front of the station in Cossato, where we departed 57 km ago.   

Road book

Km. Place Information
0,0 Cossato – Departure from square infront of the Station Left at the first roundabout towards Quaregna Car park at the station of Cossato – Via Pajetta
1.1 Quaregna - Right towards Valle San Nicolao-Vallanzengo  
6.6 Right towards Valle San Nicolao.  
7.0 Valle San Nicolao  
10.0 Campore - Left towards Vallemosso and then to Trivero.  
11.3 Vallemosso Textile company outlets.
13.9 Crocemosso - Towards Valsesia. Tunnel. Right to Mezzana.  
16.2 Soprana - Left to Cerreia. Scenic road.
17.1 Straight on then left towards Baltigati.  
18.9 Right to Curino.  
25.3 Curino - Right to Brusnengo At km 26.7: Lake Gabella.
29.9 Brusnengo - Towards Masserano  
33.0 Masserano - Right towards Masserano and then left to Lessona. Medieval village and Palazzo dei Principi.
37.8 Lessona - Left at the roundabouts then right towards Cossato.  
39.4 Cossato - Right at the traffic lights towards Biella and left at the roundabout to Vercelli.  
41.1 Cossato station-arrival point Arrival at the station in Via Pajetta.


Points of interest

Mosso Valley - Woollen textile companies and outlets
Masserano - Medieval historic centre, Palazzo dei Principi
Brusnengo, Masserano, Lessona - DOC wine production area of Biella Lessona, Bramaterra and Coste della Sesia. Farms for shopping and tasting sessions 

Oasi Zegna nature park

Biella Alps Tourist Board

Biella Accoglie Tourist Board 

All the information is available on the website of the Local Tourist Office of Biella - ATL Biella 

Departure, arrival and municipalities crossed
Departure and arrival
via Paietta, 12
Stazione Ferroviaria Cossato
13836 Cossato (BI)
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Biella and Oasi Zegna Video
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