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Cossato (66,00 km)
Highlights and tour details

Besides a bike ride, this will be an opportunity to visit a characteristic village in the hamlet of Bonda in Mezzana, an open-air contemporary art gallery. You will also pass through areas where Bramaterra grapes are grown and wooded areas suitable for collecting mushrooms, chestnuts and forest fruits. The stretch along Alpe Noveis will appeal to mountain landscape enthusiasts, who will be able to enjoy the beautiful panorama towards the plain.

Km. Place Information
0.0 Cossato – Departure from the Station car park Left then straight on towards Valle Mosso. Station car park of Cossato – Via Pajetta
5.3 Right towards Crosa  
6.7 Left  
7.0 Right towards Mezzana.  
7.6 Casapinta - Left towards Mezzana and then towards Trivero. Keep to the left.  
10.2 Mezzana - Right then straight after, left towards Bonda. At km 8 keep to the right and continue in the direction of Mino. Bypass at km 8 for the hamlet of Bonda, open-air modern art gallery.
11.1 Right towards Mino.  
12.6 LEft towards Soprana.  
16.9 Soprana - Left towards Trivero Former Susta Mill - Ecomuseum
18.0 Ponzone - Right at the roundabout left to Pratrivero  
20.5 Pratrivero - Right towards Portula then towards Coggiola.  
26.0 Coggiola - Left then towards Alpe Noveis. Right on the Sessera bridge and then towards Viera. Straight after go right towards Alpe Noveis.  
36.6 Alpe Noveis - Right downhill. At km 38.3 40.00 and 40.9 towards Crevacuore Fountain at km 36.5.
40.7 Left downhill. Continue towards Crevacuore.  
44.3 Right  
46.3 Pray - Left towards Trivero. Pass the Sessera bridge, keep to the main road and then left towards Curino.  
55.1 Curino. Fountain at km 52.4
59.0 Brusnengo - Right towards Masserano.  
59.3 Masserano - Right towards Masserano and then left towards Lessona. Medieval village and Palazzo dei Principi.
64.1 Lessona - At the roundabouts go left and then right in the direction of Cossato.  
65.7 Cossato - At the traffic lights go right towards Biella and left at the roundabout towards Vercelli.  
67.4 Cossato Station-arrival. Arrival at the railwsy station of Cossato - Via Pajetta.
Points of interest
  • Mezzana Mortigliengo - Hamlet of Bonda, the painted village;
  • Ecomuseum of Mortigliengo
  • Soprana - Former Susta Mill, Museum Network
  • The ascent of Alpe Noveis, Giro d'Italia 2014, cycling in a splendid natural setting to reach an altitude of 1065 metres with gradients of up to 16%.
  • Masserano - Medieval town centre, Palazzo dei Principi
  • Brusnengo, Masserano, Lessona - Production area of the Biella DOC wines Lessona, Bramaterra and Coste della Sesia.
  • Farms for shopping and tastings

All tourist information is on the ATL Local Tourist Agency of Biella website:  ATL Biella 

Departure, arrival and municipalities crossed
Departure and arrival
piazza Stazione
13836 Cossato (BI)
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