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Via dei Santi (Saints Way)

da San Martino Alfieri a Cortandone (30,70 km)
Highlights and tour details

The Via dei Santi proposes itself as a second "backbone" which, starting from the Tanaro plain, crosses the Alfieri hills at San Martino, goes through a small but varied territory, following the upper hill itineraries that run parallel to the river, then descends towards the San Damiano plain, and especially towards the municipality of Tigliole, where there is a unique and particular Romanesque style testimony such as the Church of San Lorenzo, a few hundred metres from an area rich in environmental concerns, where the LIPU has set up its ornithological observatory. Through the territory of Tigliole you can reach the municipality of Baldichieri and you can take another interesting itinerary called La Via dell'Acqua.

The district is the area on which both this itinerary, which runs along the eastern section, and the Via dei Briganti along the other side to the west, are based. The station of Baldichieri and the Triversa Valley are quickly crossed at a point where there is heavy infrastructure, which is immediately left behind to enter a particular and new environment bordering the park of Valleandona and Valle Botto, resuming the Greenway route, and continuing along these ridges to the valley of Monale and Cortandone. From here the itinerary joins the Via dei Briganti and continues along it towards Montafia and Capriglio, until its destination, which is Colle Don Bosco in Castelnuovo.

Other information

Source: Comunità Collinare Valtriversa
Itinerary code: VDS
Provinces crossed: Langhe Monferrato e Roero

Departure, arrival and municipalities crossed
Piazza del Municipio
14010 San Martino Alfieri (AT)
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14013 Cortandone (AT)
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