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Cycling along the River Tanaro

Alessandria (40,70 km)
Highlights and tour details

Starting from Alessandria station and cycling a few km through the town’s streets, we reach the Orti area where, immediately after crossing the bridge over the Tanaro river and turning right, we begin the magical journey along the bank. After a few km we reach Pavone di Alessandria, a hamlet of Pietra Marazzi, a tiny village in the Monferrato hills where you can enjoy a spectacular view of the main rivers of Alessandria: Tanaro and Bormida. With the Tanaro river on our right, this stretch of the journey is not flat but beautifully hilly and tarmacked, with very little traffic. It is a short climb (a few kilometres) to the highest point of the entire route, and here, surrounded by the Monferrato hills, you must stop near the small village of Fiondi di Bassignana.

The next long descent will take us to our next stop: Rivarone, where you can stop off on the river Tanaro, the picturesque setting of this small town situated on the banks of the river and behind, the hills and cherry trees that are characteristic of this area.

The road we will cycle along from here is a short stretch of the main road Valencia – Sale, which is always very busy so pay close attention, especially at the bridge over the river Tanaro. After the bridge, we will go back along the safer banks of the Tanaro. The flat and the river landscape will accompany us until we return to Alessandria. After about 2 km along Alessandrian riverbank, known for its beautiful castle, a rarity built in the 14th century, we reach Piovera, an Alessandrian village under the Visconti of Milan. The castle is now part of the event Open Castles and really is worth a visit.

Our journey continues along the banks, but before arriving in Alessandria, we will pass through Lobbi and Castelceriolo, small and quaint Alessandrian villages, still very much connected to a strong agricultural tradition. Along the banks you can easily spot many herons typical of this fluvial environment and, at the village of Castelceriolo, numerous brown tourist signs remind us that this area was the backdrop to the famous and epic battle of Marengo, 14th June 1800, the battle that saw Napoleon finally defeat the Austrians at the gates of Alessandria. From Castelceriolo we begin a 5km stretch in open countryside along the right bank of the Bormida, the second river of Alessandria, and at the end of this stretch, we join the SS 10, which takes us from Marengo to Alessandria, just 3 km away. The stretch of SS 10 that we will take is always very busy; therefore please pay attention so that you can complete the journey safely. The tour ends near the train station, where we started, and for the last few kilometres, we can cycle safely along the bike path through the city. Ivan Reitano

Points of interest

Alessandria: Church of Santa Maria del Castello (the underground areas may be visited on request); Savoy fortress
Rivarone: Park on the river Tanaro with river mooring 
Piovera:  14th century Visconti Castle
Spinetta Marengo: Museum of the battle of Marengo (museum is accessible via a small detour towards the end of the tour and  can be visited by appointment)

Nota Bene

Dedicated signage: not present,  at the intersections it is necessary to follow the directions to places indicated in the description of the route. In addition, it is advisable to use a guide who knows the area well and will be aware of any changes to the route that may have varied since Piemontebike.eu  carried out verification surveys and updates.



Wear your helmet at all times, even when not obligatory.  Before setting off, make sure you inform someone of your intended route.  If possible, take a GPS device, mobile phone and a bottle of water with you and if it is a long distance route, take snacks.  Wear suitable clothing, preferably layers, and make sure you have a windproof rain cape to keep in your jersey pocket.  Always wear padded shorts.  Comfort is essential if you are to enjoy the journey to the full. 


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piazza Curiel
1512x Alessandria (AL)
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