Historic Mountain roads


Bends and elevation gains, stunning scenery and landscapes: on foot, by bicycle or with off-road vehicles, on Piedmont's Historic Mountain Roads you can discover uncontaminated environments where distant echoes of past events and memories resonate. These are places where it is not the destination that counts but the route, which in its intentional slowness opens up to stories, to the signs of cultures and historical events, such as the traces of the Cadorna Line defence system in the Verbano-Cusio-Ossola province, the rock engravings and shelters in the Biella area, the Walser villages in Valsesia, the battle of Assietta between Alta Val Susa and Alta Val Chisone or the salt and anchovy traders' routes in the Occitan valleys of Cuneo.

Wonders nestled in imposing high-altitude landscapes, where silence is occasionally broken only by the sounds of nature or slow tourism.

Il progetto è promosso dalla legge regionale 19 maggio 2021 n. 9, "Interventi per la valorizzazione delle strade storiche di montagna di interesse turistico" che riconosce e valorizza le strade storiche di montagna di interesse turistico al fine di favorire lo sviluppo del turismo all'aria aperta.

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