For extreme sportspeople

Sentiero Balcone della Valsusa

da Giaglione a Meana di Susa (182,90 km)
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The Sentiero Balcone winds through the Upper Valley Susa, in the municipalities of Susa, Meana di Susa, Giaglione, Chiomonte, Gravere, Exilles, Salbertrand, Oulx, Bardonecchia, Sauze d'Oulx, Cesana Torinese, Claviere, Sauze di Cesana and Sestriere, along the mid-altitudes of the slopes and crossing many types of natural environments such as larch forests, Scots pine forests, ash maple forests up to the pastures and at times, screes and high-altitude rocky environments. The main towns of the entire route are Susa, Oulx and Bardonecchia, reached by the railways and by public transport lines. It is therefore possible to reach all the other towns in the valley from these centres, so you can return if you do not wish to cover the entire route. The territory of the Upper Valle Susa from a hiking point of view, is full of attractions among which, the presence of numerous alpine refuges connected to the Sentiero Balcone (Balcony Trail) and other itineraries of local, regional and international interest such as the GTA or the Glorioso Rimpatrio dei Valdesi (Repatriation of the Waldensians) (GRV), the Sentiero dei Franchi (Path of the Franks) (SF). There is also a varied and mixed offer of outdoor sports and recreational activities that take place in Valle Susa Valley (kayaking, rafting, free ride, mtb, horseriding, climbing, via ferratas, mountaineering, snowshoeing, ski touring, cross-country skiing).

Other information

Source: Unione Montana Comuni Olimpici Via Lattea
Itinerary code: SBV
Classification: Medium and low mountain provincial
Provinces crossed: Torino

Departure, arrival and municipalities crossed
Case Pradonio
10050 Giaglione (TO)
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10050 Meana di Susa (TO)
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