For extreme sportspeople

GPR - Giroparco Gran Paradiso

da Ceresole Reale a Champorcher (96,00 km)
Highlights and tour details

The itinerary mainly retraces the ancient Royal Hunting Roads, built in the middle of the last century by the House of Savoy to connect the five "royal hunting lodges" of the Reserve, which in 1922 became the first Italian National Park. With a constant gradient of around 8/10%, and with admirable dry-stone walls and paved sections, they had to ensure that the royal party could easily access the lodges with rideable pathways. This is an itinerary that features high-altitude stretches, from which you can enjoy an extensive view of the scenic panoramas of the Orco and Soana valleys, important landscape and environmental heritage.


Ceresole Reale, Valprato Soana

Other information

Source: Parco Nazionale Gran Paradiso
Itinerary code: GPR
Recommended period: June, July, Auguat, September
Historical interest: Yes
Classification: Provincial with high mountain development
Provinces crossed: Torino

Departure, arrival and municipalities crossed
Colle del Nivolet
Rifugio Città di Chivasso
10080 Ceresole Reale (TO)
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Colle Larissa/Rif. Dondena - Champorcher (AO)
11020 Champorcher (AO)
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