Cycle routes

Pista ciclabile lungo la ex-ferrovia Airasca-Moretta

da Airasca a Villafranca Piemonte (19 km)
Highlights and tour details

The Airasca-Villafranca cycle path runs for 16 km along a former railway line. Starting from the village of Airasca, the track reaches the bridge over the Po at Villafranca, passing  through the villages of Scalenghe, Cercenasco and Vigone. The route is totally flat and the base is mostly asphalted or well-beaten gravel  (stretch in correspondence of the municipality of Scalenghe (3.5 km), with future asphalting).

The track is easily cycled , made entirely by itself and with very few intersections with traffic; this is an ideal path for cycling with children.


Points of interest

Along the way you can take advantage of the touristic offers of the communes of Airasca, Scalenghe, Cercenasco, Vigone, Villafranca.

The Airasca - Villafranca slope is easily reachable from Pinerolo (17km) and from Torino (22km).


Departure, arrival and municipalities crossed
10060 Airasca (TO)
10068 Villafranca Piemonte (TO)