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La strada panoramica del Monferrato

Crescentino (48,00 km)
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The route, which is not particularly difficult, winds along the "panoramic road of Monferrato", between plains and hills. Starting from Crescentino, continue for Verrua and along the Po to Trino, then returning through the panoramic hilly route.

Points of interest

The route, which is not particularly difficult, winds along the "panoramic road of Monferrato", between plains and hills.

Departing from Crescentino (Piazza Garibaldi) follow the signs for Verrua Savoia, after about 1km turn right at the sign "cycle path".After about 1 km, you reach the gravel embankment for about 1.3 km.  Go down the embankment, turn to the left and through a village called "Porzioni". At the next junction turn right, and after about 200 m. again right on a dirt road. Continuing for a little over 3 km close to the rice fields, follow the curve to the left and after a few meters, turn right. After 1.3 km turn right again, crossing over a wooden bridge,  curving left. Follow the path straight for 400 m., turn right going up the embankment for about 3 km.

Leaving the embankment with a determined left curve, returning on an asphalted road, then turn right and continue until the entrance of the "E. Fermi "  central ;follow the tree-lined avenue for 140 m.,  cross over and  take the gravel road that leads to the SS of Pontestura (from  Trino to Camino).

Turn right and cross the bridge over the Po, then follow the signs for "Zizano". Once in Zizano, turn right and continue;  follow the uphill road on the left which, initially quite easy, is steep in the final stretch. The road ends at the gates of the Castle di Camino where, back on the asphalt, turn right. Finally a well-deserved downhill stretch.

Cycling towards Castel San Pietro [1]; At the entrance of the village, on the right follow the stony  road uphill with grassy parts all the way up until reaching  the asphalted road. Crossing the road, continue uphill following the indication "Ristorante Monti - Isolengo di Camino", until the cross roads and going right onto the "Strada Panoramica della Monferrato". (Scenic route of Monferrato)

For several kilometers you can enjoy the beautiful panorama that sweeps from the plains to the Alps. Once in Cantavenna, we recommend you go behind  the church to see the view towards the Po; back on the road, if the sky is clear, the view reaches all the way to  Monviso. Going downill  you arrive in  Gabiano where the "scenic route" ends, at the stop sign, turn right for “Crescentino – Villamiroglio”, following the descent to  "Piagera".

 [2] Leaving Piagera is a Petrol station on the left, just after it to the right is the start of the climb to the embankment that runs for 2 km; you get back on the asphalted road  and continue up to a tunnel and, turning right, you cross the Po river, reaching the starting point: Crescentino.

 [1] Asphalt Variation - At Castel San Pietro to avoid the dirt road, continue on asphalt for about 1.5 km. Turn right for "Rocca delle Donne", at the next stop sign, turn left and follow the sign "Restaurant Monti - Isolengo Camino", until the cross way and take a right on the “Strada Panoramica del Monferrato”. (Scenic route of Monferrato)

2] Asphalt variantion - From Piagera continue on the asphalted road for a few km you will come to a tunnel, turn right, go over the River Po, arriving back at the starting point: Crescentino.

Departure, arrival and municipalities crossed
piazza Garibaldi
13044 Crescentino (VC)
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