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Cycling the lands of San Giovanni Bosco

Mirabello Monferrato (62,00 km)
Highlights and tour details

This itinerary is an exciting loop of almost 62 km composed of secondary roads and easy dirt tracks that takes us on a tour of the hills of Monferrato casalese with its magnificent villages, stunning panoramic views and the roads usually travelled by Giovanni Bosco.

Starting from Piazza della Libertà in Mirabello Monferrato, we travel a section of Via XX Settembre in the direction of Lu and after 200 m from the chimney located on our right, we will turn left along a gravel road. At the end of this road, we will turn left and, after passing the motorway underpass, we will turn right in the direction of Valdolenga (km 4.2) travelling the entire tarmac road until the top. Here, we will turn left in the direction of San Salvatore Monferrato (town crossed by the 45th parallel). Once in Piazza Carmagnola we will continue to cross the town following the signs for Valenza and, as soon as we are outside the town (km 9.3) we will turn right at the small chapel dedicated to San Giacomo. We will travel a small stretch of gravel road downhill and turn immediately towards the first small uphill lane on our right that will take us in front of the historical Sanctuary of Madonna del Pozzo. Following a short stop in this oasis of peace, we will travel another short uphill section at the end of which we will turn right returning to the centre of the town in Piazza Carmagnola (km 11). Then, we will follow directions for Lu and shortly after the sign that indicates the hamlet of Valdolenga, we will turn left following the directions for the area called Olimpia. We will travel the entire downhill road to the end (along this stretch we will also find the directions for the Big Bench of San Salvatore) and having reached the stop sign on the plain (km 14.8) we will turn right. After approximately 1 km we will turn left and travel a gravel road uphill which we will follow (accompanied by fantastic panoramic views) to the end always keeping on the right of the route until we reach the beautiful Church of Santa Croce (km 18.6). At this point, our cycle continues to the left in the direction of Lu along a short section of provincial road. Following the directions towards Conzano, we will cross the historical centre of the town and after leaving the town, at km. 22.9 we will turn right along a stunning gravel road following signs for the Church of San Giovanni di Mediliano which we will meet at km 25.3  About one km on, we will come to a three-way junction and here, our cycle will continue along the central dirt road (on the right there is the road that takes to the Madonna della Neve towards Mirabello) which will take us to our next stage, the town of Occimiano which is approximately 3 km away. Once in the village, we will quickly reach the centre in Piazza Carlo Alberto for a small halfway stop.

The route continues in the direction of Conzano and, after having taken a short section of Via Conzano, we will turn right into Strada Nuova (km 30.8) to the first stop at km 33.8 where we will again turn right and go on until we arrive at another stop at km 34.4. At this point, (being incredibly careful) we will quickly cross the provincial road and continue straight along strada Cacciolo which will take us to the town of Terruggia. Having arrived in the upper part of the town and after passing the Church of San Martino (on our right) we will turn left along strada Cappelletta (km 37.7) which we will travel as far as the next crossroads of the valley floor (km 38.7). At this point, we will turn right in the direction of Colma di Rosignano Monferrato, along the famous Morbelli itinerary dedicated to the famous Divisionist painter Angelo Morbelli. Arrived at the top of the hill, we will follow the simple signs for Rosignano Monferrato following the road which runs along the beautiful Castle of Uviglie and, once in the town, we will reach the Church of Madonna delle Grazie situated close to another characteristic colourful Big Bench. The route continues, and after enjoying the view sitting on the Big Bench, we will cycle back a few km to reach the Castle of Uviglie once again, on the other side of the hill. At km 46.20 (shortly after the castle) we will turn right in the direction of the hamlet of Berroni along the municipal road of Occimiano which we will travel until we cross the provincial road again at km 50.8. At this point, taking great care, we will turn left along the provincial road and then right again after 300 m in the direction of San Maurizio di Costanzo and having reached the top of the town (km. 52.8) we will turn left in the direction of the carabinieri barracks. At km 54, we will turn left into Via Occimiano and then right at km. 56.9 (shortly after entering the town of Occimiano) into the old municipal road of Lu. Having reached km 59.4 we will turn left in the direction of Mirabello passing in front of the Church of the Madonna delle Neve to finish our cycle in Piazza della Libertà from where we started (km 61.9). Enjoy the ride. Itinerary mapped by Ivan Reitano.

Points of interest

Sites of interest: 

  • Church of San Giovanni di Mediliano (along the dirt road btween Lu and Mirabello) 
  • Sanctuary of Madonna del Pozzo (San Salvatore Monferrato)
  • Big Bench of San Salvatore Monferrato
  • Paleologi Tower (San Salvatore Monferrato)
  • Castle of Uviglie (Rosignano Monferrato)
  • Sanctuary of Madonna della neve (Mirabello Monferrato)
  • Big Bench of Rosignano Monferrato
  • Church of Madonna delle Grazie in Rosignano Monferrato
  • Morbelli Route (Colma of Rosignano Monferrato)
  • Big Bench of Lu Monferrato (just off the route along the provincial road between Mirabello and Lu)
Departure, arrival and municipalities crossed
Departure and arrival
piazza libertà
15040 Mirabello Monferrato (AL)
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districts passed through
Lu e Cuccaro Monferrato, Mirabello Monferrato, Occimiano, Rosignano Monferrato, San Salvatore Monferrato, Terruggia
Possible risks on the route
km on the state road:0
The surface in the very short sections of unpaved road will probably be a little heavy following rain
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