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Cycling to the origins of the products of the Mignon Pastries of Alessandria (De.Co.) between villages and contemporary art.

Alessandria (43,00 km)
Highlights and tour details

This route winds along the beautiful streets of the centre with its historic De.Co-certified pastry shops and the small villages of the countryside of Alessandria in an amazing combination of villages, nature and contemporary art.

Setting off from the beautiful Palazzo Rosso of the town hall of Alessandria, we will cycle a short section of Via San Giacomo della Vittoria before crossing (after approximately 100 metres) the historic Galleria Guerci whose exit overlooks Palazzo Monferrato (home to the “ACDB” Bicycle Museum).

Then, we turn right crossing the small Piazza della Lega before going all the way down Via Milano (see the beautiful Synagogue at the start of the street) and, once arrived at the end of the street, we will turn first left onto Corso Monferrato and then right onto Via Casale approximately 200 metres later. At this point, we will safely cross Lungo Tanaro San Martino at the height of the traffic lights and then cycle along the Meier Bridge on the wide and picturesque walk that ends in front of the entrance to the historical 18th century Savoy Citadel.

Following the direction of Asti/Torino, we will cycle along Via Giordano Bruno for approximately 600 metres and, at the first roundabout, cross the shopping centre on our left. We will be next to the train station that we will go past using an underpass behind the shopping centre. From there, we will follow a long dirt road (parallel to the railway line) for approximately 6.5 km to the village of Solero (one of the ancient villages that took part in the foundation of Alessandria in 1168).

At the entrance to the village, we will find Viale Alla Stazione on our right and cycle it to the end. After crossing Via Giuseppe di Vittorio, we will cycle the entire length of Strada Molinara, a beautiful country road that ends close to Quargnento.

At the end of this road, we will turn left in the direction of the town of Quargnento, home to the famous Futurist painter Carlo Carrà whose memory is still very much alive in the town.

Having crossed the village of Quargnento in the direction of Lu/Cuccaro Monferrato, we will come to a roundabout (leaving the town). Take the first road to the right, always in the same direction of Lu/Cuccaro. After about 200 metres we will turn left and start to climb along a beautiful panoramic road (strada Ronco) surrounded by the magnificent green hills of Monferrato, among vineyards and hazelnut groves. At km 20, after cycling along a dirt road again, we will find ourselves along the tarmac road that, after turning right, will take us to Cuccaro. Having entered the village, we will reach the high part after cycling along Via Roma and all of Via Montaldo at the end of which we will find the start of the old road (very panoramic) which connected Cuccaro and Lu. We will cycle along it as far as the entrance of the village (along this scenic road it will be possible to admire one of the colourful Big Benches of Monferrato). 

Having arrived in Lu, we will follow Via Marconi to the end, and after turning right in the direction of San Salvatore Monferrato, we will turn immediately and again to the right onto Strada Vicinale Alessandria, a long dirt road which, together with Strada Sappa, will take us back to the flat part of the route after having cycled for a few kilometres along a section of road surrounded, once again, by vineyards and hazelnut groves. At km 30.5, after crossing the road that connects Quargnento to Giardinetto, we will cycle the entire length of Strada Croci and later Via Remotti to reach the end of Via Remotti in San Michele, a hamlet of Alessandria. Our destination is just a few kilometers ahead. After crossing the road at the pharmacy, we will take Via Isoletta and then Via Otello Finzi (first turn right at the roundabout) to the end. Here, we will turn left onto Via Loreto, pass under the motorway and continue along the road that goes along the motorway for approximately 1.2 km (Via Porcellana) before passing under another motorway underpass to then continue to the first roundabout close to the driver and vehicle licensing agency. With the Meier Bridge in the background, we continue along the section of normal road that leads to Alessandria along the 18th century Citadel. To our right and after crossing the Meier Bridge again, we will return to the central Piazzetta della Lega cycling along Via Casale and Via Vochieri (a street parallel to Via Milano already cycled on the outbound journey). The itinerary concludes by rediscovering the sweet tastes of Alessandria once again in the pastry shops of the centre cycling along Corso Roma. Following the perimeter of Piazza Garibaldi, we will return to Piazza della Libertà following the picturesque Via Cavour.  

By Ivan Reitano

Points of interest
  • Palazzo Rosso - Piazza della Libertà - Alessandria
  • Palazzo Ghilini - Piazza della Libertà - Alessandria
  • Palazzo delle Poste and mosaic by Severini - Piazza della Libertà - Alessandria
  • Palatium Vetus - Piazza della Libertà - Alessandria
  • "ACDB" Bicycle Museum c/o Palazzo Monferrato - Via San Giacomo della Vittoria - Alessandria
  • Galleria Guerci (between Via San Giacomo della Vittoria and Via San Lorenzo)
  • Jewish synagogue - via Milano - Alessandria
  • Church of Santo Stefano - via Milano - Alessandria
  • Meier Bridge
  • 18th century Savoy Citadel - Strada Pavia 2 - Alessandria
  • Faa di Bruno castle - Solero
  • Minor basilica of San Dalmazio -  Quargnento
  • Christropher Columbus museum - Cuccaro
  • Church of Santissima Maria Assunta - Cuccaro
  • Big Bench (along the scenic route between Cuccaro and Lu)
  • Holy art museum - Lu
  • Civic tower - Lu
  • Church of Santa Maria Nuova - Lu
  • DE.Co.- certified historic pastry shops of the centre of Alessandria 

Nota Bene - Always use a helmet, even when it is not obligatory. Before setting off, always advise someone of your itinerary. If you can, bring a GPS and a mobile phone with you, a full water bottle, if the distance is demanding include a snack/extra bar. Dress appropriately. It is always best in layers and with a rain and wind cape to keep in your jersey pocket. Always use shorts with padding. Comfort is essential to have fun and enjoy the journey. It is always advisable to rely on a capable guide of the area, able to be updated on any changes in the conditions of the routes that can vary compared to the moment in which carried out verifications and updates. 



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1512x Alessandria (AL)
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Alessandria, Lu e Cuccaro Monferrato, Quargnento, Solero