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Cycling along the Rice Paddies - Rice paddies at your fingertips

Vercelli (24,00 km)
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An ideal route to discover an area of true beauty that surrounds the city of Vercelli: the chequered sea, a delightful 25 km loop itinerary that explores the area of the Rice Paddies of Vercelli

Departure: Vercelli

Arrival: Vercelli

Distance: 24.8 km

Time: approx. 2 h

Rating: easy

Recommended period: spring and autumn

Terrain: Unpaved and paved


Starting from the railway station of Vercelli, follow the cycle paths of Viale Garibaldi and Corso Prestinari until you exit the city. Continue, first in the direction of Biella and then in the direction of Olcenengo. Follow the unpaved roads across farms and rice paddies, taking some time to observe the many species of birds that have made the rice fields their home. Continuing in the direction of Montonero, you enter the town that still preserves areas of considerable archaeological interest: the Montonero Vecchia was the corticella (see below) dependent on the Royal Court of Vercelli, which controlled all the roads that accessed the city. Continue towards the small town of Sali Vercellese, named after the Longobard Sala, to indicate a corticella, which is a stately country home with annexed rural buildings. Interesting to observe the castle, which is still a farm. The route then moves from the hamlet of Casalrosso and continues towards the town of Larizzate where, taking via Nino Bixio, you can observe the Church of Maria SS. Assunta. From here comes a document, dated 27 August 1493, which for the first time signals the cultivation of rice in the Vercelli area. On the outskirts of the city, there is a 12th century castle of which a portion of wall and 2 towers remain. Along the last stretch of the route, on unpaved roads, continue towards the cultivated areas until you meet Cascina Varola taking extreme care when crossing the western bypass when re-entering the city of Vercelli. Travel the cycle lanes until you return to the departure point, in piazza Roma, in the area of the railway station.

Departure, arrival and municipalities crossed
Departure and arrival
piazza Roma
Stazione FS
13100 Vercelli (VC)
districts passed through
Sali Vercellese, Vercelli
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