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Cycling along the Rice Paddies - Along the Sesia

Vercelli (44,00 km)
Highlights and tour details

Departure: Vercelli

Arrival: Vercelli

Distance: 44 km

Time: 4 h

Recommended period: spring and autumn

Rating: easy

Itinerary: From Vercelli railway station follow the cycle path towards Corso Italia as far as Rione Cappuccini, continue in the direction of Prarolo coasting the bank of the River Sesia between poplar groves and rice paddies. At the fork in the road, turn towards Palestro to reach the famous “chiuse”, a series of jumps with which the River Sesia exceeds a difference in height of about 10 metres. After passing the hamlet of Pizzarrosto, continue as far as Pezzana. After passing first Tenuta Valgioja and then Cascina Bellincontro, you reach Caresana, famous for the century old tradition of the “Corsa dei Buoi” (Ox race), shared with the nearby town of Asigliano, which goes back to 1236 and whose origin is now attributed to the return to the town following the procession in honour of St. George. Worthy of note are also the majestic parish Church of San Matteo and the Church of San Giorgio with the Chapel of SS. Annunziata. Returning towards Pezzana, continue towards Prarolo, home of one of the best preserved castles of Vercelli dating to the late 14th century. Built by the Benedictines of the Abbey of Santo Stefano of Vercelli it is characterised by a cylindrical tower and a quadrangular tower with noticeable embrasures. A special mention should also be made of the parish Church of Madonna dell’Assunta, rebuilt in 1628 and enlarged in the early 20th century, which contains an 18th century canvas originally painted by Beaumont. Another feature is the public fountain with its unending jet of water, also known as “chita mai” (never stops). To return to Vercelli, go back over the cycle paths until you return to the starting point.

Departure, arrival and municipalities crossed
Departure and arrival
piazza Roma
Stazione FS
13100 Vercelli (VC)
districts passed through
Caresana, Pezzana, Prarolo, Vercelli
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