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Avanti Savoia!

Crescentino (25,00 km)
Highlights and tour details

The route takes its name from the famous Savoia exhortation, a war cry with which the Royal Army  launched its assault on the enemy troops. The initial climb is steep in fact up until the fortress and then it continues more gently through hilly routes.

Points of interest

Exit the picnic area with the gallery in front of you, to the left is a path with a steep uphill climb; try not to be discouraged by the fact that you have to push the bike for the first few meters.  Otherwise, you can take the paved road for Verrua Savoia, by going back under the gallery, turn left and then left again for a rather steep climb. However, the path is recommended as it is always free from vegetation.

At the top of the hill go onto the gravel road leading to the “Fortezza”. This road leads to an asphalted road that goes up to Verrua Savoia, you cross it by taking a small road next to some houses, continuing through a field and then uphill alongside some houses

Continue and go through the residential area of Verrua Savoia, continue until you find a road on the left marked "Borgata Scandolera", take this road (asphalted for a few meters then becoming an easily pedaled graveled  road); go past a farm (variant A starts here) arriving at a pass with a dedication plaque;  cross over and begin the descent leading to "Borgata Scandolera". Continuing downhill, the road becomes  a dirt road between the fields and leads to "Frazione Cervoto". (the variant for Cervoto starts here)

Continue by keeping the village on the left and continue till you reach the main road that enters the village, turn right, at the first junction right again and follow the road sign for Robella 5 SP 112 (here the All asphalted  Variant begins); from here continue on the asphalted road for about 1.6 km to "Borgata Casa del Bosco"; leave the provincial road turning left uphill, with the little church on the right;  the road becomes graveled and downhill, follow it ignoring all the deviations, then continue uphill (don’t take any deviations downhill even if  the road is more obvious), on  a right curve there is a steep uphill climb that leads to "Bric Scieis 361m." from where a wonderful descent to "Mezzalfenga" begins; passing in front of the houses, on the right you can see a beautiful view of the hills.

Continue downhill until you meet up with the Provincial 112. Turn left, arriving at  Cervoto again and go through the village.

Continuing, you arrive at "Longagnano" and after a few meters,  again on a graveled  road for about 1.5 km; arriving on an asphalted road, turn right at "Località Valentino", from where you can enjoy a beautiful view of the plain and of the Alps.

Continue following the directions for Verrua Savoia and Crescentino. Just after Verrua Savoia you can decide whether to take the asphalted route to the starting point; In this case, follow the directions for Crescentino and before the bridge take a right toCasale Monferrato. Otherwise, you can retrace the path taken at the start following the indications  for  “Fortezza” (you can arrive back to the car in the saddle, but be careful on the trail downhill).

 Variant A

As described above, from the road signs "Borgata Scadolera" after about 250 m. go alongside a house; Behind it, on the left, starts a slight uphill slope (marked MTB on a metal sign); after some up and downhills you reach the crest of the hill where a fun downhill  begins , to do carefully because of the tracks and furrows caused by rainwater; arriving on the dirt road, turn left and follow the initial part of the route until arriving at  “frazione Cervoto”.

Cervoto variant

This variant is for those who want to shorten the route; you will see some, yellow and red MTB indications.

All Asphalted  Variant

On the Provincial 112, turn right and follow the signs to Sulpiano and then for Verrua Savoia.  Follow this route.

Departure, arrival and municipalities crossed
13044 Crescentino (VC)
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La Villa di Pa'- Affitacamere
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