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Attorno alla fortezza di Verrua

Crescentino (19,00 km)
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Around the remains of the ancient Fortress of Verrua, built between the X and the XI century. We are on the border between the provinces of Turin, Vercelli and Alessandria, at the meeting point of the Casalesi and Torinesi hills: presenting  a suggestive panoramic route.

Points of interest

Leaving the Picnic area, past the tunnel, cross the Sp. 107 and turn onto the gravel road; it is a stretch of embankment parallel to the asphalted road, on which we enter and follow for a few meters; then turn left following the road signs for Sbarrera and Calliano: an uphill climb of about 1,2 km with slope of up to 18%.

Arriving at the crest, at the Stop sign go right and on  leaving the village, turn left following the directions for Sulpiano, which is reached after about 4 km; go through it and then take the Sp. 107, following the road signs without deviation to Cervoto and Longagnano.

Go through  Cervoto, and then Longagnano, a small borough; just outside the borough on a gravel road for about  1.5 km, you come onto an asphalted road, turn right to "Valentino", where you have a beautiful view of the plain and of the Alps,

Continue following the road signs for Verrua Savoia, Crescentino.

At Verrua Savoia go past the church until you find a sign on the right for FORTEZZA, which is worth a visit, then go back,  to return to the  starting point follow the road signs for  Crescentino,  and before the bridge turn right to Casale Monferrato

Departure, arrival and municipalities crossed
13044 Crescentino (VC)
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